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Thank You, Mr Google!

We are the parents of the gadget era. We Google before turning up to the doctor. And as the doctor tells you the symptoms and course of treatment, you murmur, I know. 🙂
You never undergo any training for motherhood. This is the only job in the world, where you learn on the field. Internet has made parenting easy. I can’t imagine my motherhood without Mr. Google, hence this letter!

Dear Google,

I am a Mother. Since my first year of parenthood, I’ve gained a huge liking towards our friendship. I wasn’t perfect at being a mother. It is with your constant support that I am able to do better every time!
It all started when I missed my period. “Sure signs of pregnancy”, “Am I pregnant?” were the first few sentences we shared. And as you had predicted, I was. From that moment on, any doubt of mine was shared with you, too. You were standing behind me while I was battling the fear of delivery throughout my pregnancy. You tried to calm me down by throwing up hundreds of delivery videos from around the world. You cheered me up each time by showing me some cute baby videos too!

Everything was going okay till I actually had a baby in my arms. Suddenly our conversations became more frequent. I started to panic once in a while. Your repertoire of information helped me ease my fears. Knowing that every mother around the world is going through the same allayed my anxiety.

I would like to thank you immensely for making me learn how to diaper my little one. Not to forget the famous swaddling too! You were like a friend sitting next to me while I breastfed my baby every now and then. Love you for not leaving me alone.

Oh, yes! Wait a minute. You remember when my little one turned 6 months old? I frantically ran towards you and typed “how to introduce solids” almost every time. Thank you for patiently hearing me out and showing me the relevant pieces. Don’t worry, she eats fine now.

You’ve always been a click away in the literal sense. As soon as my baby coughs or sneezes, I look up to you to help me understand what lies ahead for me. In the earlier times a mother used to look up to her mother for any parenting advice. You shall be flattered to know that I look up to you. Of course my mother follows next. Of all the things to thank, I owe you a huge gratitude for being my friend in need, always!

I live in a nuclear family. I feel fidgety when I am asked to think of a life without you. Every milestone of my child is thoroughly discussed with you. You keep me updated on how all other kids are doing around the world. You have made the whole world seem so small.
Though the two words ‘Thank You’ seem so small, but they are truly heartfelt! 🙂


A Mother

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