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My Mum Is Better Than Yours

“My Mum is better than yours” – So read the innocent black text on the cute white T-shirt which the 6 month old baby was wearing.

My Mum Is Better Than Yours - Mom Is The Best - Mom Comparison

Let me give you the context here: It was a social gathering in Dilli- One in which a couple of mothers and their babies got together. I’ll bet that the poor mother (who I’ll call ‘The Innocent Mum’ in the rest of this post) had really no clue what she was inviting when she adorned her little baby with that cute T-shirt. I guess ‘The Innocent Mum’ must have been secretly pleased and proud. After all, it was a compliment to her!!! And who does not like compliments – Everyone does!

So after all the initial mommy greetings, hugs and kisses (Yes! That is the typical Dillistyle incase you didn’t know! In many a social gathering, women /mummies will send other women /mummies a ‘pseudo-hug’ and throw flying kisses in the air when they meet and greet you – even if they don’t know you or detest you ;)), every one settled down and the pleasantries began.

All was going well until the T-Shirt grabbed the attention of one of the mom’s – a vivacious Punjabi mother (who I’ll call ‘THE Mom’) who is ever so curious about everything, has a question about everything and a strong voice & opinion on just about everything under the sky. She immediately started the discussion on “Why ‘The Innocent Mum’ was better than ‘THE Mom’)?” –  Which was of course led, moderated and dominated by ‘THE Mom’.

Now, coming to the most important question:”Who is responsible for what was written on the T-shirt?”

No, not the T-shirt designer

No, not the T-shirt manufacturer

No, not the person who bought the T-shirt (‘The Innocent Mum’ later told me that it was her husband who bought the T-shirt as a compliment to her 🙂)

No, not the baby who was wearing the T-shirt

But ‘The Innocent Mum’ who dressed up her little baby in this T-shirt…

What started as a discussion was soon turning into a heated argument and trumpet-blowing session on the “BESTEST skills and talents of ‘THE Mom’ in the categories of parenting and otherwise. It did not take too long for the whole group to realise that the sooner we admitted that ‘THE Mom’ was a better mom, rather the best of the lot we would NOT be able to end the gathering and return home. So we naturally formed a collusion in which we unanimously agreed that ‘THE Mom’ was indeed a great mom – One from whom the rest of us can learn a lesson or two. And so ended the evening. Phew!!!

As a parting comment, here’s what ‘The Innocent Mum’ told me “I don’t know what kind of a mum I am compared to others, but here’s what I do know. I will make sure I think a zillion times before I dress up my baby when I meet this group”. A lesson well learnt ‘The Innocent Mum’ 🙂

Anyways this event got me thinking – Can you really compare Mums?

Of course NOT!!! .

I do know for a fact that in my eyes, my MOM will always remain the very BEST. And I hope to remain the very BEST in my baby’s eyes!!

So then, I guess for each child, his/her Mummy always remains the very BEST!!!

This post is dedicated to all MOTHERS! Mummies are the BESTEST!


And yes!

The main take-away for all Mummies: Make your babies wear those T-shirts which say “My MUM is the BEST!!” Or “My MUM is better than yours – Mummies deserve it!”

The main take-away for all Daddies: Buy your babies those T-shirts which say “My MUM is the BEST!!” Or “My MUM is better than yours – Mummies deserve it”! OK? You can also buy the T-shirts which say “My DAD is the BESTEST” – But then let the Mummy decide what the baby wears  and when. OK?

Nischala Murthy Kaushik is mother and philosopher rolled into one (the philosophical streak emerged after she became a mother – essential for balance, she believes). She is an Engineer and Management Graduate (IIMB Alumni) by Education, IT / Innovation / Marketing Professional by Employment, Google / Blog / Twitter / Social Media Lover by Era, Writer by Passion, Dreamer by Compulsion,  Student of Life by Choice, Eternal Optimist by Necessity and Chief Happiness Officer of LIFE by Realization. She blogs @ Nischala’s Space, Thoughts and Expressions AND VERVE : The Quintessence of my Life . In addition, she is also as a guest blogger in several sites of global repute; and her blogs have been featured in several Best-Of lists and on the Directory of Top Indian blogs. She tweets @nimu9 and is also listed among the 50 Indian Women to follow on Twitter.