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My Parenting Journey, So Far…

My little one turned two recently. And so did my number of years into parenting. Looking back, there is a huge change in the life before and after being a parent. There are good moments, bad moments and the in-between moments all packed into a single day. Yet time flies and it does really fast.

My Parenting Life, So Far.. Parenting Journey: Dilemmas & Delights

With great power comes great responsibility. So here is to that parent power. To that phase in life when everything you do is at its greatest intensity – the love, the care, the joy, the frustration or that ever raising question whether you are doing your best. Here is a snapshot of the humor, delights and dilemmas of my parenting life, so far :

From the most intense pain that started in the labor room,

To the everyday labor with your little one,

From the eager wait for your wiggly little infant to grow,

To the umpteen occasions when you want to savor the moment and stop the racy time run,

The joy and wonder at the first giggle, rolling over and the first steps,

The heart melting moments when they utter those first words,

From those countless times you debate with yourself on working or staying at home,

To that hardest decision you ever took to leave your baby in somebody’s care.

From that longing at work to get back home to see your baby and sing along a rhyme,

To that ever longing ‘me’ time.

From the puke on your favourite clothes, the cold, coughs and fevers,

To the child’s first emergency room visit jitters.

The little infant becomes a naughty terrible toddler,

Making the most unexpected things for you harder.

The horror when your toddler promptly rejects what is to be eaten and tries to eat everything else that shouldn’t be.

It is one whole day effort to organize your home again, you see,

But your mighty toddler can destroy it in minutes and do lots more.

Your best companion for shopping who pulls apart half of the store,

All that she demands is for attention – more and more.

The curiosity, sense of marvel and their never ending questions,

Your best attempts to give them creative, convincing yet logical answers.

The day when you explain your child the concept of God and why,

Their ingenious and innocent understanding of it that God is good and raised his hand to only give them a hi-fi,

You finally go on your much awaited vacation,

Only to realize that you need an extended break to recover from all the stress and tension.

Parenting advice, blogs and books become the norm..

Until you realize each parent is special in their own form

And all that matters is loving your child like you have never loved anything..

Doing your best in being there for them is everything!

Tejaswini is a mom to a lovely one and half year old girl, from Hyderabad, presently living in the US. She is an engineer in IT, by profession. A newbie blogger, photography and painting enthusiast, internet junkie, she enjoys reading and discovering nature when she is not running after her now naughty toddler. She is a dreamer and dreams of being a super-woman excelling at both work and home fronts, doing equal justice to both, someday. She has a personal blog at