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Parenting Decoded: Birthday Celebrations

When it comes to celebrating their precious baby’s birthdays, parents leave no stone unturned. All of us want to have the perfect party with a happy child and happier guests! In this edition of Parenting Decoded, we compile posts on birthday parties and celebrations sent in by our contributors.

  1. A birthdays is undoubtedly special, read Rashmi Sehgal’s post on making it even better. Her simple suggestions like making a countdown calendar and birthday questionnaire are marvellous ways to make the day memorable for the child, the parents and the guests.
  2. Simple yet fun tips for a simple yet fun party- is that what you’re looking for? Nidhi Dorairaj’s post on making the most of what you got comes to the rescue.
  3. If you’re planning a party with many kids, be prepared to bear with mischief and unruly behaviour. Here are dos and don’ts by Shilpa Garg for maintaining your sanity and managing the children better.
  4. Meera Ganesh’s post is a good read that contrasts two ways of celebrating birthdays – by making a big deal out of them vis-à-vis barely acknowledging the milestone. She tells how teaching children to give than to get on their birthdays is a splendid idea.
  5. On a similar note, Noorulayn Syed admits in her post that ostentatious birthday parties fill her with fear. Read to know why she dislikes the show of wealth and status symbol that goes in fancy parties.
  6. Shokhi Agarwal chips in with her advice of doing something that you’ll cherish when the child grows than giving in to the hype. An investment, a dinner with immediate family or donating to charity are some things you may want to consider.
  7. Falak Randerian lists her reasons of why she strongly opposes grand first birthday celebrations and goes on to give terrific tips on celebrating your little one’s first milestone.
  8. Who doesn’t want to give their child the best? But when the time comes to get an expensive birthday gift for a grown up child, you worry if you’re setting the wrong precedent. Read Kartik Mani’s post on his experience and dilemma of getting his daughter a birthday gift.
  9. Vibha tells us why she doesn’t want to throw a big party for her daughter this year- to ensure that birthdays are not seen as an incentive for good behaviour. But there is a party nevertheless that too a surprise one! Kids love surprises, we are sure her daughter will be thrilled.
  10. Sharon, along with her daughter, takes it a step further by making it a no-presents birthday party. Before you think she’s being hard on the child, read the reasons she has listed for taking the tough decision.

Do you have special ways of celebrating your children’s birthdays? Tell us in the comments below, we will be happy to hear them.