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My favorite bedtime stories

Hey Maa,

Did we ever talk about my favorite bed time stories? No? Today while slogging at work and day dreaming half of the day, those bedtime stories came to my mind. Why suddenly today? I don’t really know, maybe it is because my birthday is coming close. After all, my favorite bedtime stories are related to my birth. Ahaan, now you remember. However, let me refresh them for us.

My Favorite Bedtime Stories

The most favorite of all is about how Paa was raided after my birth. I remember lying on my bed, with my head in your lap as you recounted that day. Right after I was born, Paa was so ecstatic that he told the world about it – be it friends, family, colleagues, acquaintances or anybody whom he barely knew!  So proud and happy he was that he decided to treat his colleagues with sweets, the next day. However, his colleagues beat him to that and actually raided his pockets to have the treat!

Paa has always been a very conscious spender but that day he didn’t complain. Instead he came back home without a penny. I remember, you telling me that you taunted him, “Ghar hamare Lakshmi jaroor aayi hai, par aise lutaoge toh ghar par rahegi kaise(Agreed that Goddess of Wealth has graced our home but that doesn’t mean you squander it) to which he had replied, “Yeh sirf Lakshmi nahi hai, mera guroor aur khushi hai. Jitna lootaunga, usse das guna jyada wapas degi” (She isn’t just my Goddess of Wealth. She is my pride and happiness. No matter how much I squander, she will give me back tenfold.) Don’t I have an ‘awwwww’ Paa? That was so sweet. I remember how much I would pester you to tell this story again and again even though I knew it by heart!

The other story that I really heart is about how even though Paa’s family was reluctant first, they eventually fell in love with me. This story always makes me happy as well as sad. Initially, it felt really bad to know that Paa’s family was not happy about you delivering a girl. There was no excitement or enthusiasm observed when they came to know about me. How can all excitement die for a new born baby just because she is a girl?

I mean, ain’t I the most lovable girl in the world (okay, just kidding).  My birthday deserved a celebration and it hurts me to know that for Paa’s family, it was just another day. However, you always managed to lift my mood for the rest of the story talked about how naughty and cute I was and how Paa’s family couldn’t help but fall in love with me. So much so that today, I am their ladli (apart from being yours)! It feels good to know that I with my naughtiness and cuteness changed the way they celebrated other girl child’s birthdays. (Yes, yes, I love to take credit!) However Maa, it feels best to know that your side of family made my birthday a huge celebration! Gold trinkets, satin baby sheets, special puja for me and inviting the whole village for prasad – all on my birth! It is indeed endearing, Maa. Above all, I feel lucky to know that you and Paa never thought like Paa’s family at my birth. Instead, I love the excited expressions on your face when you talk about my birth.

But the best of all is how fondly you speak about my birth and smallest of small details related to it. We met very late Maa. I know you had to wait for 5 years to meet me even when you wanted to have me after 1 year of your marriage. I also know that doctors had declared that you can’t have a baby but you held to hope, did everything possible to have me. I am glad that no matter what everyone has said about me till now, or what I have done till now, you are proud to have me. You love me so much and want to save me from all vile of the world. I heart all of this Maa.

I love you and Paa. I really love you both! You both are the best parents in the world! *tears in eyes* (Okay, that was just to add more drama. Heh!)

Now would you make your special Kadhi Khichdi with Bhendi Curry for your treasured daughter, today?


Your Shatru Ladli.

Shatru Ladli is her mum’s enemy i.e Shatru as well as her beloved i.e Ladli. (Psst this is my pet name kept by her among the 10,000 other awesome yet embarrassing pet names)