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A Morning With The Nutty Siblings – A Poem

A normal morning scene, this used to be
A drama that used to unfold every morning, for us to see
If you want a peek into a morning with the Nutty Siblings
Do read on, in the knowledge that it is your sanity you’re risking !!

A Morning With The Nutty Siblings - A Poem

A few years back when both attended Primary School
The mornings used to be, well, rather uncool !
This was how a school day morning was
Ok – go on and bring on the guffaws.

For mums and dads all over the globe, who have watched a similar drama unfurl
Who have, in the midst of sibling drama, twitched and twirled
This one’s for you, all witty and pithy
For having retained, your wit and your sanity.

Then Macadamia started attending Secondary School
Their timings were different and things were cool
Now we stand at a threshold once again
When, next year, Pecan starts Secondary School
These morning fights will yet again start to spool
But then again, what’s life without a few bouts of sibling fights
The stares and the glares are right around the corner – Oh ! What a delight !!

Scene almost every morning – four years back

Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, screamed one
In the early hours of the morn, the noise seemed to worsen.
Ooiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii screamed the other
Loud enough to wake even the neighbour.

Now you know why our entire apartment block
Had absolutely no need for an alarm clock !
You see, we did take environmental issues seriously
And early in the morning, produced a loud vocal medley.

Now if you’re wondering what this was all about
“twas nothing else but Macadamia and Pecan, showing their clout
‘Cos you see, they loved to bicker and fallout
“Twas nothing but sibling love – total and devout

They would scream, yell, screech
While “God, please save me”, I used to beseech
What a way to start the day
These noisy mornings, I so had to essay

Macadamia and Pecan lolling around in bed
Sounds peaceful ?, Oh ! please don’t be misled
The peace suddenly registers in both their brains
And for a fight, their energies they regain
For, the Nutty Sibs believe in the theory that
The day is absolutely not meant to be begun in peace
At the break of dawn, peace should totally cease

They would rush towards the bathroom in a frenzy
Yelling at each other like a couple of banshees
“I got here first” would say Macadamia with a glare
Oh ! That look ! She’d be looking for open warfare
“I went in first” would say Pecan, daggers in his eyes
Macadamia would stare and from her eyes, the sparks would fly

Through all this, I’d maintain a rather safe distance
Hoping to God they wouldn’t notice my absence

“Mummmeeeeeeeeeee” Macadamia would yell, her voice dripping ire
“Oh No” “Oh No” I’d say in dismay, not wanting to get into the mire

“Mummmmeeeeeeeee” – would come another yell and this time it’s Pecan
“She barking at me like a dog” he’d say, looking all woebegone
“I’m SO NOT” Macadamia would counter, with looks that could kill
A rather nonplussed spectator to all this, would be Timmy the Turtle

Pecan would demand “Why do you need the footstool ?”
Macadamia would respond “simply because it is cool”
Pecan would counter “I need that footstool to reach the washbasin while you don’t”
Macadamia would retort “I know that. But get off the footstool, I SO won’t”

A tussle would ensue and of course there was pushing
We’d step in to break up the brawl and the nutty sibs would be left seething
“No getting physical with each other” has always been a strict rule
It does not matter if the nutty sibs think that rule is so uncool !

A fight brewing inside them, they’d look around in haste
Their eyes look around, searching for the toothpaste, for,
Yes ! That’s where the next fight is based

“I got it first” Pecan would yell, all defiant
Eyes narrowed, nostrils flared, Macadamia would get all set to hunt

“Breathe Breathe” I’d tell myself, assuring that things couldn’t get any worse
“Why do they do this ?” a part of me would ask, “for, it all seems so perverse”

A few minutes of respite, we did get
And before I would forget,
I did remember to Thank the Good Lord
For Macadamia and Pecan cannot afford
To scream and yell at each other in distaste
With their mouths full of toothpaste !!!!

In the meanwhile, Mommy’d escape
seriously thinking that their mouths ought to be taped !!!!!!!!!!
While Mommy got their cups of milk ready
The Nutty Sibs would be found staring at each other cagily.

The switch would be thrown again
Just as Mum would be thinking Zen.
Pecan would say “I’m taking this chair”
Macadamia would retort “Hey ! That’s SO not fair”

Just as one argument ended, another one would begin
Exactly what have we here ? A couple of loony bins ??!!

Macadamia would yell “Don’t you kick me under the table”
Pecan would reply “I did NOT” ! his tone decidedly nasal.

“Stop talking and drink your milk” Macadamia would say, all sassy
“You are NOT my boss” Pecan would reply, “so stop being bossy” !

Peace would temporarily reign, as their milk they would glug
While Mum seriously considers getting a pair of earplugs

Mum’d have just begun to think that they were done for the morning
When, there’d be a loud scream, without any warning

Dropping dishes in a haste, to the bedroom we’d rush
Only to find Macadamia, hands on her hips, face all flushed
Eyes glaring, rage spewing, Macadamia would hiss
“Why are you always like this ? Pecan would ask, as we visibly flinch

“You keep out of this” Macadamia would roar, her ire evident
And Pecan, having found a way to irritate her, would be anything but prudent
“You always bark like this” he’d say, enjoying his moment
While Macadamia would simply stare, dangerously silent

“Why did you scream” I asked, having almost forgotten
Macadamia complained, “Cos this thing is a demon”
She was referring to her dear shower cap
Which around her hair, was indeed wrapped
“It does not stay on my hair, she’d protest. “It keeps coming off”
“Simple solution” Pecan would grin and say “Time for your hair to be cut off”

The house would literally turn into a setting for a Tom and Jerry toon
While the “by now crazy” Mom would be all ready to go dizzy and swoon

Macadamia would somehow get bundled into the bath
Else, there sure would have ensued a bloodbath
No one in their right minds should be in their paths
Lest, in the morn, they’d incur the Nutty Siblings’ wrath

“Leave some water for me” Pecan would yell, goading yet again
Patience, God, Patience by the container load I SO do need, Amen !

“Stoooppppppppppp Ittttttttt” Macadamia would scream from the bathroom
“I did not do anything” would say a smug Pecan, and the arguments would resume

The next half hour would pass in a blur
As Mom desperately, would long for a breather

Finally once they’re dressed in their uniforms
Pecan would have yet another of his brainstorms
“Have you taken your homeopathy pills yet ?” he would ask
And in the glory of his question, he’d totally bask
For Pecan knows that Macadamia did forget
And yet again, we witness another noisy onset

The glares, the stares and the tirade
As anger rises yet again and nerves are frayed.

This is part of a normal day, every morning
With the Nutty Sibs around, things happen without any warning.

Standing near the mirror, a safe distance from the fray
Mommy suddenly noticed that some more of her hairs had turned grey !!!

“How did that happen ?” you ask ??
Handling the Nutty Siblings, ‘tis quite a task !!!

Gauri Venkitaraman dons many hats – a wife, a mom, a teacher and many more. Working as a full-time English teacher in HongKong, Gauri also raises and nurtures two terrors, affectionately known as The Nutty Siblings a.k.a Macadamia, a teen and Pecan, the ten-year old who behaves like he is fifteen. Gauri’s family means the world to her. Life is a lively roller coaster ride and we, as a family, aim to enjoy the ride together. is where Gauri pens down her thoughts and musings, in an attempt to preserve memories for posterity