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Five Questions You Should Never Ask a New Mommy

Now, let me start by saying that a new mommy is very hormonal and emotionally unstable. She’s just given birth to her baby, she is exhausted, she is overwhelmed and she doesn’t know it but she’s also confused. Motherhood is emotionally exhausting when its new – ask any mother on the planet. The love for the teeny tiny baby takes over everything else.

Five Questions You Should Never Ask a New Mommy

This is the time for celebrations, for joy and fun, and nothing should come in the way of unadulterated, uninterrupted and unending happiness for the new mommy. Also, a girl is instinctively very sensitive about her baby, her parenting skills and her body post pregnancy. The last thing she needs is to feel bad about either of those things – she’s been through a lot already, plus the baby is finally here and she’s a big pile of raw emotions!

So, this post is addressed to those who might spoil the fun by asking silly questions that might (read: most definitely will) send a new mommy into a hormonal fit or a sad hour of self-doubt. We don’t want that, do we? (Who knows what a hormonal girl can throw at you?)

So here we go. Five questions you should never ask a new mommy.

1. Girl or Boy? Harmless question, you think? Not really. It might be a simple question to you but it hurts the heart of a new mom when people see her new-born and don’t instantly go ‘Ooh what a lovely doll!’ or ‘Oh my, such a handsome dude this is!’ So have a heart, be patient and you’ll find out without asking.

2. Why are you making the baby cry? No mother “makes” her baby cry. Infact, no women will ever make any baby cry. But they are babies, they will cry! So stop being insensitive and shut up. She’s a new mother, she’s learning, she’s doing her best so leave her alone. Jesus!

3. Why is the baby so thin / fat? If you are not a doctor or a nurse, zip those lips and leave the poor mom alone. There is thing called time and another called growth and the most important known as ‘not-your-business’.

4. So. Ready for child number two? No new mommy is ready for making-love, let alone has thought of another child yet. A baby has just come out of her, give her a break!

5. Shouldn’t you start exercising now? Big. Mistake. You just don’t mention the words exercise and weight to a new mom. No questions asked. No explanation given. You just DON’T. And if you do, I hope you go to hell.

You’ve been warned. Go easy on the new mommy. She’s as new as her baby, let her enjoy every day and learn as she goes. Plus, this will save you from a flying breast pump aimed at your head. Honestly. I told you about the hormones, didn’t I?

Aditi Mathur was born on Feb the 14th and since then it has all been awkward for her. A strong believer of “Whatever!”, an ex-advertising girl, a once-upon-a-time blogger, an out-of-place Army Wife and a real-life social person, she has now given up everything for her adorable almost-nine-months old daughter Gauri (Um, also for Twitter, actually). Stalk her at at or  @adicrazy on Twitter. Or Not. Whatever.