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Our Christmas Plans

It’s almost that time of the year again. A time for cakes, rose cookies, wine, gifts, and decorations. Christmas is my favourite holiday and my favourite time of the year. It’s a time when we love to be in the company of our loved ones. And it’s more amusing when there are playful kids around to enjoy with.

Our Christmas Plans - Meaning Of Christmas

I must admit that I’ve already gone into the festive mood. Just a couple of days back we bought a few children’s books with impressive and colourful Christmas stories which were on sale at our church. The colourful pages of the book displaying Christmas trees, bells, Santa, Christmas gifts, and balloons are already capturing my little one into the festive spirit.

Most kids enjoy the decorations and colour during this season. Keeping that in mind we are planning to decorate our living room with lights, Christmas tree, wreath, bells and everything that would make the room Christmassy.

Christmas fun

There is always fun in doing things together. So, decorating will be fun with my son around. Honestly speaking he would be messing up the room more than lending a helping hand. But that’s another story. That adds to the fun and spirit of the festival isn’t it? But most importantly he likes to be a part of the celebration. We are also looking forward to the Christmas tree programs and functions which are going to be held at the conclusion of this year. They are quite an entertainment for the kids especially the smaller ones. And I’m so looking forward to it.

Most of us follow the tradition of giving and receiving gifts during this season. Keeping up with the tradition I’m hoping to buy my son something that is useful and interesting to him. Of course it would be gifted by Santa. He does believe in Santa and we are kind of keeping up the secret till someday someone bursts the myth to him. Till then we are playing along.

My son owns a sweet tooth and fancies all things sweet. I decided to bake a special cake for him this year along with some other tidbits.

Though Christmas is a special festival, I must admit it has become too commercialized. Don’t you think so? We pay so much importance to the materialistic aspects like clothes, shopping, gifts, parties and so on. But do we spare some time to explain to our kids the significance of the festival? Do children really know the true meaning of Christmas today and why it is celebrated? Only a handful, I think so.

Even it struck me to teach him the true meaning of Christmas and the significance of the little symbols. So recently I was explaining him the importance of certain symbols listed below.

The Christmas tree – It remains green and fresh even in winters when all other plants are dry. Hence it symbolizes everlasting hope of mankind.

Christmas stocking – Saint Nicholas wanted to help a poor family. He threw gold coins down their chimney which incidentally fell into a stocking.

Angel – An angel informed the three wise men about the birth of Jesus.

Gifts – The three wise men presented gifts to Jesus when he was born and hence the tradition carried on.

Star – The star of Bethlehem guided the three wise men to the place where Jesus was born.

To my surprise he was deeply engaged in the conversation. In my opinion it’s a good concept to enlighten children about the true essence of Christmas. It’s an opportunity for them to enjoy the religious aspects of the festival as well.

So these are my Christmas plans. We are hoping to make this festival as joyful and special for our little one. Hope the joys of Christmas bring in lots of cheer and blessings to all the parents and kids of Parentous. Have a holly jolly Christmas.

I’m Diana Pinto mother of a three-year-old son. I’m a housewife and a blogger. My interests include listening to music, dancing and now of course writing. I’ve developed an interest in writing recently and hope to inspire people and bring a change through it. I blog at Diana’s musings.