• Swati Nitin Gupta

    Hi Sakshi read your post on breastfeeding and found it pretty interesting. Have read your other posts as well, but your breastfeeding post has inspired me to write a post on it as well. I will be linking back to your post.

    • Hello @swatinitingupta:disqus. Thank you for reading. Looking forward to your post now. 🙂

  • Hi Sakshi. I am lucky that I haven’t faced this while breastfeeding my son in public. I’ve done it on flights and cars and malls and normally I am quite oblivious to stares so maybe I just missed them. Now he is 10 months and is quite a big baby and I plan to continue nursing well into his second year so now that he is no longer an itsy baby I may start getting the stares! Will keep you posted.

    • I pray you don’t get those stares. But you know, we all know the adage – a stare for a stare. 😉 Thanks for reading, Aloka! Yes, keep me posted.

  • Thanks mom. And I see you have finally learnt how to comment with success. 😀

  • “All public places should have feeding areas otherwise how are they expecting breastfeeding mothers to venture out?” – Absolutely agree with you, @reemasahay:disqus It saves us from unwanted stares, and keeps us feeling comfortable within our idea of public/private too.