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How To Bring Up A Reading Child

What did you read today? Do you love reading? Have you visited a library with your kids? How do you help your kids in reading? Here are 9 Simple Ways To Bring Up A Reading Child:

Read Aloud

Kids start listening to sounds even in the mother’s womb. Words have a lot of power. Talking to kids helps to improve their mental ability. You can read to your kids from a very early stage itself. Just read them stories, jokes, information and anything that could interest them. M and I would take turns to read books and spend quality time doing so during the holidays.

Bedtime Stories

Bedtime stories of any kind, be they funny, moral, traditional or motivational calm children down and ensure a peaceful sound sleep. Reading stories to them creates a longing for reading in children. These imaginary tales open new dimensions for them to explore. I started telling bedtime stories to M from the age of one, and I’m happy that the tradition still continues with more energy and enthusiasm.

Showcase Books

Like most people have a photo corner in the house, we should learn the art of showcasing books in our house too. Seeing books acts as a motivation for reading. Shop for decorative book holders. Gift your kids books, bookmarks, book coupons and the like. No room in your house should be left without books. Because of this, M loves to take books to his bed rather than a tab or iPod.

Be A Role Model

Kids learn from their parents. So be a ROLE MODEL. On seeing you with books, kids will also start being interested, and then start loving books. Encourage them to keep the book neat. Teach them to respect books since they are a treasure chest of knowledge. Visit book exhibitions with your kids. Insist that they read for at least 30 minutes daily. V and me are voracious readers, which made M also a lover of books.

Home Library

It’s high time that we introduce a home library to our kids. Collect books of everyone’s interest in your family and create a library. Spend quality time in activities like such as reading, discussions, cleaning, taking notes and much more. We have collected nearly 1000 books of all categories. We are still working to set our beautiful library in the second floor of our house.

Creative Play

Every reading session can be followed with Creative Play. You can make your kid act some scene from the book, you can sing a song, work some puzzles, or draw a scene. This will really encourage the kids to explore more after reading, and start loving the fun side of reading. Usually M and I would play Word Hunt after reading a book. M loves to learn the meaning of new words from the dictionary.

Family Reading Time

Family Reading Time can be scheduled on any free day for your family every week. It may include:

1. Feedback about the books read
2. Recommendations for new books
3. Lessons learnt
4. Books Wish List
5. Discussion on topics read in the book

I used to conduct Class Reading Time when I was a Professor at Engineering College. My students loved that time very much.

Book Hop

Encourage your kids to form a Book Club with his / her friends and to have a Book Hop. Each child in the book club should bring one book and exchange it with another child. Sharing of books cultivates the habit of reading and respecting books. This helps the kids to be introduced to many books easily and in a cost effective way. M always likes to color the activity books with his friends only.

Book Shopping

Take your kids to Book Shopping. Gift them with books on their birthdays or any other special occasions. Help them explore variety of books such as novels, picture books, adventurous books, etc. Buy them posters of any inspirational characters. M is a great fan of Ben 10. So naturally my house is decorated by all sorts of Ben 10 merchandise.

These were my ways of making your child an avid reader naturally, without pressuring them or making it compulsory. It is only when they have an inner desire to read, that they will develop a lifelong relationship with books.

I am Vasantha Vivek. I am a happy woman, daughter, sister, wife, mother, teacher, friend, mentor, seeker and lover. I am a teacher by profession. I was a professor at an Engineering College for nearly 15 years. I learnt a lot as a teacher and hope I have inspired some hearts during this period. Teaching is my passion, reading is my love, cooking is my heart. I enjoy reading and writing very much, so much so that I start & end my days with reading. Now I have started writing also. I blog my sweet nothings at