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5 Tips For Working Mothers To Celebrate Women’s Day Everyday

Are you a working mom juggling to balance your work schedule and time with your little one? If yes, that’s commendable! Managing work and taking time out to spend with your little one is indeed quite challenging. Research shows that children of working mothers grow up to be more responsible individuals than other kids. All the efforts that go down in managing work and your baby are finally paying off. Let’s take a look at how a working mom can celebrate women’s day everyday of her life.

  1.  Celebrate Your Work:

Whether you are running a business, working from office, self-employed, or work from home remember to love what you do. Do your work with full devotion. Never mix your domestic and office work. Do not let your office stress encroach on your domestic work. Likewise, don’t let your domestic stress hamper your work duties and responsibilities. Focus on whatever work you do, you will surely improve your efficiency at office as well as at home.

  1. Celebrate Motherhood:

Be proud of being a mother. Always take time out of your busy schedule for your baby and spend quality time with your little one by playing, teaching, feeding, and interacting every day. This will help you establish a wonderful bond with your child. You will find your child valuing your presence.

  1. Celebrate Yourself:

When managing your work – life balance, take some time out for yourself.  Take the day off, pamper yourself, meet friends. Spending some time all by yourself will make you look forward to the days ahead with positivity. Develop and nurture a hobby. Share your parenting experiences with new moms, tell them your story.

  1. Value Your Choices:

Value and respect your choices. It is best to ignore negative comments, criticism or prejudiced views of people around you. Don’t let it affect your work or time spent with your child. Make your own life choices and stick to them. Be proud of setting a good example for your baby of living life according to your terms.

  1. Celebrate Everyday:

Every day is a new challenge. Make sure you celebrate your success! Take each day as it comes and with a positive approach. Begin your day pleasantly with a smile, plan your work day ahead of time and celebrate every day. Because you deserve it!

Are you a working mother? How do you manage both working and parenting? Share your experiences with other parents by leaving a comment below.

Manjiri Kochrekar is a parenting blogger and creative writer, who loves to explore various facts, ideas, and aspects of life and pen them down in her own words. Writing is her passion, which means she enjoys writing on a vast variety of subjects, and parenting and child care is just one among her several specialty areas.