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8 Tips For Working Moms To Balance Work And Kids Effectively

Are you a full-time working mom? Do you find it difficult to balance work and kids? Don’t be disheartened. You are amazing!  And you’re doing your best for the welfare of your children.

A study by the researchers at the University of Akron says that working moms are healthier at age 40 than stay-at-home moms. Another study published by the American Psychological Association reveals that mothers with jobs tend to be healthier and happier than mothers who stay at home during their kids’ infancy and preschool years. So you see there’s something good about being a working mom. But as humans, we may sometimes have feelings of inadequacy about the quality of care that we provide for our kids. So here are a few pointers to cheer you up and guide you on your precious journey called motherhood.

  • Stay organized

Have all your supplies put at proper places so you can find them whenever a need arises. Be it laundry, school supplies, kitchen items or office work, try and organize it so that you spend less time getting things together.


  • Ask for help

It is alright to ask for help of your family members and friends occasionally to take care of your kids when you are in office. You can also hire a help for doing your household chores. Divide other important tasks between you and your partner. This will give you more time with your kids.


  • Avoid multitasking

Technology has made it possible to multitask both our jobs and kids. This practice can lead to a lot of stress. So give your 100 percent while working. Likewise give your 100 percent attention when you’re with your kids. Develop routines and habits which will improve your efficiency both at home and workplace.


  • Involve the kids

If your children are big enough, include them in the household work. This way you can inculcate life skills in them. Who knows? These precious moments of being together can create lifelong memories. Sharing and caring will help your kids grow into well-rounded individuals.


  • Use helpful time hacks

Try to lessen your load during the work week and complete the pending tasks during weekends. You can prepare your meals in advance for the entire week. Get yourself a low-maintenance haircut. Schedule calls during your commute. Most importantly try to build downtime into your schedule. Drop activities that sap your time and energy.


  • Get moving

I know it is tough to follow an exercise routine when you have a tight schedule. Studies have pointed out that exercise boosts our energy levels and improves work efficiency. Have some ‘me’ time to refresh and energize your spirit, mind, and body.


  • Spend quality time with your kids

Plan a special family outing and just enjoy with your family. It does not have to be an extravagant vacation. A simple walk in the park may be all that you need to create that much-needed bonding time.


  • Remember you’re only human

There may be good days and bad days. Remember your limitations and that it is okay to make mistakes. You don’t need hold yourself responsible for everything. It is okay to come home late at times and not be able to tuck your children in bed. This does not mean that you love them any less.

Patience and the right mind-set will help you to take pride in a job well done, both at work and home.

Swarnambal John is an experienced health and wellness writer. She writes the blog healthyhomosapien. She is also a contributor to a couple of prestigious online magazines.