• Sid Balachandran

    Nice one Prasad. Definitely calls for RCA. And that’s an excellent way to deal with little ones I reckon, especially since they’re not yet fully able to express themselves. Since my little one is still relatively small, we’re yet to notice a lot of aggressive behaviours or tantrums. Nevertheless we’ve had this issue too. We used to have late Sunday nights i.e. family movie nights or something, and he’d just cry and cry in the morning on Monday, especially when the van came to pick him up. We did an RCA and some trial and error and now, though movie night is not banned yet, we finish off quite early by 9. It’s great as well, since I get to spend some time writing as well 🙂

    • Thanks Sid, its good to know that other parents share similar experiences. I think there in lies the beauty and utility of Parentous. Thanks a lot, I feel much better after reading your comment.