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The Strict Rule Of Discipline And The Argument Of Its Need

The rules, the restrictions, the time-table and the method of upbringing all vary from individual-to-individual, family-to-family and culture-to-culture.

The strict rule of discipline and the argument of its need

Each one of us have grown up at-least 50% according to our parents’ desires and their beliefs. We are continuing this tradition trying to impose some of our beliefs on our kids. We are busy trying to do things which we think our parents would have done to us< or trying not to do things which we thought were not cool for our parents to do with us.

Among all these, one thing is for sure, none of us actually know what is right and what is wrong for parents to do. Parents are in a constant process of giving what they did not get in their childhood, without even thinking whether their kids really need it or not.

Westernisation has invaded even the parenting style of Indians. Indian parents, who once used to strengthen the family bond by sleeping with their children in the same room, have now started building it over the dinner where there is an imposition of eating time. These days, children have their own rooms at a very young age, where they play video games, chat on internet, connect on Facebook. Thus, they meet their parents only over the dinning table for the last meal of the day.

Discipline has been imposed in every activity of the day. Kids have their time-table for every action starting from wake-up time, eating time, study time, internet time, play time to sleep time, and most of them even have a time-table for meals where they follow the menu of the day. On one hand, where discipline is building their character for their future, on the other hand, it is taking away their childhood.

Adding to this is the pressure of studies and topping in the class. The hobby classes and the expectations of the parents to excel in every field have taken the toll on today’s kids.

Well, bringing up kids is a tough job. Building a responsible citizen of tomorrow is indeed the biggest task of our life. What level of restrictions and discipline will be ‘too much’ or ‘too little’, is the topic of debate. These days, the competition forces parents to pressurise their kids to outgrow their capacity and perform to achieve the best that any of their peers could.

What to do; How to do; How much and when to do, are all the questions lingering in the minds of today’s parents? Not being sure of what they are doing is right or wrong, parents just keep wondering on how to bring up their kids and prepare them for their future life.

Do you have any answer for this dilemma on how to nurture the early days of our children?

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