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School Chale Hum!!!

Beep beep, the alarm clock buzzes and as usual I turn it off thinking I still have five more minutes. But soon I realize that Miss M has started with her school and peaceful mornings are a thing of the past!! So I see the time again and I know it’s time to move your butts in action. So I rush to the bathroom, do the daily household chores, then towards the kitchen, prepare breakfast, have a glance on the headlines and then head towards the toughest part- waking up M and her daddy.


Thankfully, the timings of the playschool as of now are just perfect; I am worried what will happen when it will be formal school. Believe me; she looks innocent only while sleeping 😉 and I really feel sorry for disturbing this sleeping beauty, but I know she will take hours to finish her breakfast and get ready. M does the usual “naatak” of not getting up easily and leaving her favourite fairy-printed-pink blanket and her toon character Minnie mouse!! Insists that she will take them along to the school!!So I have to make some silly story and convince her somehow to leave them at home.

Now comes the most irritating part- M’s breakfast.. I remember, when I used to go to the school it was a simple glass of milk and two bread toasts which was gulped within 5 minutes. God knows what the problem with her is. Firstly she would refuse to eat anything and even if she eats, half an hour is the minimum time to finish it. (that too if I am lucky) . and then, she would want to run everywhere, play with all her toys in the morning but would not enter the bathroom. So literally I have to drag her to the bathroom and finally after all the hustle- bustle she is ready for the school. But hey, the task is yet half-done. It is hubby’s duty to drop M to the school in the morning and he is still not ready.. Grrrr!!! Like father like daughter!!!. 😉

It was M’s first day at the school and I was more excited, scared, nervous, happy at the same time. Thankfully she didn’t take much time to adjust which was quite unexpected looking at her bossy nature. It is a new chapter of not only her but my life even. It feels good when your child is learning something new every day as she describes the daily activities in school (though in parts as of now), all the nursery rhymes and songs that she sings, bring you back to your childhood days.

In addition,parents get an opportunity to interact with other and keep in touch with different approaches to parenting. We, as parents also have a chance to observe other children and thus have a point of reference for judging our own child’s behaviour. In other words, schools widen parenting horizons. Apart from dealing with separation anxiety, a child benefits with lots of free play and learning from the school. Over there, children are provided with the ‘right’ toys, i.e. those appropriate to their stage of development. Also, their play is guided so that it becomes a learning experience. The idea is that children should transfer play behaviours such as feeding a doll, changing its clothes, etc. to themselves, and thus develop self-help skills. The thinking is that if a child can go through the motions of feeding a doll, it will soon learn to feed itself.

So I feel its “back to school” for hubby just in terms of getting ready and reaching school just-in-time but for me, it is a complete time zone shift i.e 25 years back.. but yes, as long as I make new friends like my daughter, learn new songs and stories everyday, practice colouring with her, groove into new dance steps, eat food with proper table manners, be more creative and imaginative, I don’t mind the morning hodge-podge to have a new experience daily.

There is this song which I really like, most of you would have heard it:

Roke se na ruke hum

marzi se chale hum

badal sa garje hum

sawan sa barse hum

suraj sa chamke hum

school chale hum!!

iske darwaze se duniya ke raaz khulte hai

koi aage chalta hai hum peeche chalte hai

Deewaro pe kismat apni likhi jati hai

Iss se humko jeene ki vajha milti jaati hai

School chale hum!! 🙂

I am sure most of the parents must be having similar schooling experience!! Please share!! 🙂

I am Nitika Sipani, an interior designer by profession, full-time job as of now is that of a mother of a 2-year-old daughter (Myra) whom I dearly call ‘Little Miss M’! Of all the jobs till date, this one is the most challenging and every day is a new learning experience!! I enjoy writing and have developed it as a hobby, would like to become a freelance writer someday! You can connect with me on my blog: Juss lik dat.