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Is There A Santa Claus, Mommy?

With Christmas around the corner, my ten-year old is super-duper excited. His constant humming of carols have filled my home, and his list is changing each week as he window-shops around for the latest toys.

Is The Santa Claus Real, Mommy? - The Innocent Belief!

I realize that for a ten-year old to believe in Santa, sounds very childish, especially when most of his classmates are out of this myth. I am pretty sure some of them must have spilled the can of beans to him. But, my kid refuses to accept it and still wants to be home on Christmas Eve while keeping his ears glued to the rooftop to hear Santa’s carriage land and have him slide down the chimney.

My child very fondly bakes his cookies prior to this event and places it next to his Christmas tree with a glass of milk.

I continue to keep the trend of writing with my left hand (since I am a right-handed person) on the Christmas card for our son and wrap his gifts secretly and place them under the tree; as my better half chugs down the glass of milk with the cookies at midnight.

Sometimes I feel I may be misleading him on a path of myths, but a part of me feels that he is aware that such a thing does not exist, and he wants to continue playing this fun stuff.


My Perspective

Santa not only signifies gifts but is also the delivery man of joy and happiness to all the people who have been kind and nice to folks around them. This jolly old man with his infectious laughter and soft cuddle signifies wiping out evil from our society while inspiring naughty individuals to become nice.

The message of elimination of darkness and immorality is loud and clear just like any other festival. But, Christmas makes it a kid friendly celebration due to the presence of this oversize man dressed in red clothes and having a big white bushy mustache.

Trying to be good year-long and coming in Santa’s nice list. Then writing a wish list, and Santa delivering it on Christmas Eve. Who would not like to live in this dream?

My 2 cents

Believing in something that can deliver not only materialistic joy but also give a sense of gratification is worth each second of the myth that makes children (and some adults) hang on to the feeling that Santa exists for real.

Thus, this season if my kid pops the question, “Mommy, is there a Santa Claus?”

I will choose to walk on the path that is mystic and magical.

Why take away a child’s innocence if he still wants to believe in magic and wipe the dust off his toys that were made by the elves in the North Pole.

Although, he has always been curious that how are these toys available in bulk in retail stores? Now, that is a question to be answered some other time.

Till then, let the joy of Christmas flow and may Santa bring in joy, toys and bliss to every household.

Ho! Ho! Ho!

Ruchira Khanna is the author of Choices published on Amazon. She blogs at