• I so second your thoughts Reema, I don’t know what do parents achieve from all this? I get so many calls from parents asking “if I enroll my kid to your reading program what will they benefit out of it?” I get so irritated. Then I tell them “I guess listening to stories and reading for fun is all they’ll do, if you want something else… I’m sorry this isn’t the place to be”

    The world is turning out to be so competitive and most of the times parents want their kids to be the best in everything what so ever.

  • All the reality shows are really so turn-offs…esp the kids reality show…weird dance, over dose of emotions and make believe scenarios….I really feel so pity for those kids and you have see those parents who actually were trying to live their dreams as you said.

    • Kids reality shows are a big turn off ya. And do you see the kind of language used by the judges? Ufffffffffffff seriously

      • I think childhood is a time to explore a lot of things without any pressure, to find one’s own calling and passion. A child that young, usually lives the dreams of his or her parents. What has the child known of his/her own talents so early?
        But it is sad, how fiercely competitive world has become!

    • Completely agree. It is embarrassing to even watch them sitting at home.

  • There is nothing worth watching on Hindi channels these days. It’s either a Saas-Bahu drama or a reality show. I remember cringing watching a 4 year olds perform on those shows!!
    Activities are another thing. A mother at my ofc has her 6 month old enrolled in an enrichment class and claims that she sees tremendous growth in her kid!!!

    • It amuses me and saddens me in equal measure. Why are we falling in such traps? It also reminds me of the Baby Einstein scam: http://shine.yahoo.com/parenting/the-great-baby-einstein-scam-531147.html

      • You put them in classes… compare kids… sweat over the fact and think why your kid doesn’t do XYZ like another kind and then you put them in more classes. The result is kids who are tired and are living a life their parents want them to.

        • Absolutely Falak! I just pray, I too don’t fall into such traps. Actually, if both the parents are on the same page of what they expect from their child, it gets much easier. I am glad my husband is much cooler than me over such things 🙂

  • Totally with you on this. Just this SUnday we were having a discussion with a couple. They had informed us that somebody they knew had sent their kids to a shcool or rather pre-school at the age of 1.5 years. They did so because the SAHM mom had done some training at a school and felt that the in a school the child developes a lot faster. I was trust me, totally zapped. I dunno why we are pushing our kids into things at an age when they shud only be enjoying and exploring. And then we say “there is so much pressure on kids”, God! who is putting the pressure?

    Reality shows the less said the better!!! When I see young kids participating in there and the Judges like Raveen Tandon/ Farah Khan etc I want to ask the latter would they send their kids for such compt?

  • I know Smita! Many parents put their kids in school so that they can finish education earlier than usual. What’s the point? Does it even matter later on? I have a year’s gap in between as I entered for CAT the next year I finished my graduation. That has no bearing on my life today. In fact, since I am looking at doing something different than what I did earlier professionally, even my past experience has no such bearing.
    Even in little ones, I have read in books about raising boys that it is much better to enrol boys a little later than girls into school because they are not wired to sit on one place. Even you would have seen how little boys move all over the place, physically ‘doing’ things than sitting and playing.