• “Mothers’ guilt has a way of hitting you right in the gut at the most trivial of things, like a sterilized plastic plate in an airplane. Jesus.” – Haha! Aditi, you’ve hit the nail on the head. 🙂 Such a relaxing read, this. Good to know there are others like me, who the majority around me like to call “irresponsible”. I think mothers do get carried away sometimes, and make a virtue out of ensuing that their little ones are not fed ‘packaged food’ or even poor dear Cerelac – more as kitty party one-upmanship than anything else. 😛 I love this post. Good to have ‘met” you – a sane voice!

    • Aditi Mathur

      Haha, thank god we exist – the sane ones! Its annoying to no end to be subjected to such people, really. In fact, being too particular about unnecessary things can make kids fussy, I think.

      Thank to SO much, and yes, the pleasure is mine 🙂