• Jairam Mohan

    “Does it make you wonder if you are living in a fool’s world?” Yes, absolutely, you hit the nail on the head. Everytime I read something like the Mumbai incident, I really do feel that I have to curtail my lil one’s experiences, even though she is only 2 yrs old.

    But then, another part of me asks me to fight these things. It tells me to let her grow up the way she wants to, do things she wants to in her own way. The only thing I need to ensure is that she has a healthy respect for the way things work today or in her day so that she is fully aware of the big bad world we all live in.

    I still am wrestling with these thoughts, and I really don’t have an answer at this point in time.

  • “Knowing fully well that ‘properly’, ‘appropriately’ and ‘wisely’ are terms with as many interpretations as there are people in this world. ” – Correct. The chain of thoughts/attitudes/social norms which restrict women even as they keep the men free from any burden of social decorum needs to be broken, Sapna. It will probably take all the courage that we can garner as new-age parents but it has to be done. All the doubting Thomases of yesteryears did nothing about it, and continued to perpetuate a system that is unequal, unfair and sometimes downright inhuman. The onus is on us – the thinking, knowing, weighing parents of today who do not bend to wrong, be it for our own selves or for our children. Interesting read. I understand your sentiments.