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Parenting Goals In 2014

Each New Year is like a box of surprises. You open up a box unknowingly and out jumps a surprise. Sometimes you set yourselves goals. Sometimes, like I did this year, you may set out to list the things you wouldn’t do. But when it comes to parenting I tread a very careful line. Because it is not my role as a parent that I am talking about, it also that of another human being that I am responsible for.
6 Parenting Goals In 2014 - Being a Better Parent

So here in no particular order are my New Year Parenting Goals:

  1. Hands-On to Pro-Parenting

I am a huge follower of hands-on parenting. From reading together, to making discoveries, to talking, making use of our hands and minds, I believe that the role of the parent is evolving today. And while there are so many like-minded parents (mostly mothers though) who make conscious decisions for their children and families, there are also so many who rely on traditional wisdom when it comes to parenting. Some believe that money spent on their children will bring them happiness. Some others believe that the school is meant to teach the child all that he/she has to. This year as a parent I want to share my experiences of being a hands-on parent with as many as I can in an order to turn every parent into a pro-parent.

  1. Balance

2014 has begun when my professional life is undergoing a tumultuous phase. I am at the crux of leaving my television career for good, to soak into something that has been my heart’s calling. I will still be a working mother, and starting now it will only get tougher. So as I embark on a new journey, I begin my balancing act once again. This year I hope to keep a fine balance and maintain a perfect harmony in my role as a parent and a professional.

  1. Handle the Tantrums Better

There is nothing more disconcerting than have a toddler have a meltdown that disrupts his sense of calm. More than us, I notice these meltdowns and tantrums leave him upset and perpetually cranky. As he grows up and makes more demands of us, I hope to give him fewer reasons to throwback a tantrum at us. It is tough, I know. So I will watch my words, actions and behavior and try and walk him out of these stressful and threatening situations.

  1. Potty Training

Whenever I sit down to write a post there comes a time when I shudder with the thought that someday my kiddo will grow up and read the blog. For all I know he may turn around and yell at me, “What the hell??? You mad woman you shared my entire childhood with the world!” But then what the heck! He will read this too, and thank me for it for the rest of his life. Yes, I want to potty train the baby this year. We had started on it and there were a few precious droppings on select days, but as the weather grew cold and as Mommy (the Goddess of patience) spent time at work more than home, the little man found an excuse to crap it in the nappy! So, now it is time to clean the crap and get the little man to grow up!

  1. The S Word  

This year we also begin playschool. For the longest time I have been a mother hen to him, but now is the time to let him find his way in the big world. I am choosy, paranoid and hands-on. So that is a very difficult combo to handle. Between all of this, finding the perfect school for my child is not going to be an easy task. As far as readiness goes, the boy likes to go out and be with strangers. The problem in this one is not with V, but clearly with the mommy. I need to grow up here.

  1. Be A Child Again

Our childhoods are very different. My son’s and mine. And as a parent I want to pick the best of both our childhoods and live them together. So this year, I plan to take V out on a vacation and see a part of the world for the first time, quite like we did in our days. God knows how much our family needs a holiday!! As a parent I look up to him and learn so many wonderful things that I have forgotten. Most of them child-like qualities that we all have as children and that which we grow out of as we grow old. I tell him, Stay A Child Forever. This year I take the opportunity to step back into my childhood and pick up new skills again. As a parent I want to discover the traits of curiosity and wonder. From him I want to learn how to be a risk taker and never give up.

Do you have parenting goals for the year? I would love to hear from you!

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