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Parenting Decoded: Because Health Is Wealth

What is your primary concern as a parent? Studies, good manners, tantrums? Of course not! It is your child’s health and well-being that your are most watchful of. Everything else is secondary. In this round-up, we put together a list of articles by contributors on your child’s health and wellness.

  1. We all know that children learn by example. If other members in the house give enough priority to exercising and staying fit, the child will obviously try to replicate them. Divya Rao, in her post, tells us how her little one started showing commitment to exercising and playing outdoors at an early age.
  2. If not for ourselves, we must try staying fit for our children. When the doctor posed a hard-hitting question to Roshni’s husband- “Dont you want to be able to play with your grandchildren?”- it served as a wake-up call. Read her post on how, ever since, his efforts have paid off.
  3. Anthony Samy, in this crisp post, writes about three simple tips to keep your child fit. A balanced diet, an active lifestyle and a positive attitude- are the mantras for fitness he says. Read the post to know how you can incorporate these.
  4. Most moms in the role of being primary caregivers of their children end up being responsible for the well-being of their entire family. We cannot deny the importance of good eating habits in raising a healthy family. Read Vasantha Vivek’s simple tips in understanding how you can do it.
  5. Well-being of a person is not limited to only physical health. A balanced individual has to be mentally fit as well. With the pressures that today’s teens face in their daily lives, some amount of mindful meditation will go a long way. Read Swarnam John’s article to know more about the stunning benefits of meditation for teenagers.
  6. Informing your child about positive body image is just as important as making your child eat well or exercise enough. While media and social conditioning make it difficult to erase stereotypical examples that children see around them, it is finally our duty to talk to children about weight issues. Gauri Venkitaraman explains how you can do it.
  7. Speaking of body-positivity, here is one candid confession of an overweight mother by Nidhi Dorairaj. She talks about how she doesn’t want her child to go through the same complexes she went through as a child. But is afraid of instilling the ‘fear of fat’ while doing so.
  8. We all are well aware of the lifestyle pattern changes that we as a generation are undergoing. With more income to spend, we end up eating more and exercising less. But is this a good culture we are leaving our children behind with? Sunita Rajwade, in her post urges every parent to gift their child a healthy lifestyle. Read her post to know how.
  9. While we talk about food a lot, are we forgetting an equally crucial counterpart- water? Did you know water intake has a lot to do with the smooth functioning of our body? Dr. Chander Asrani takes a deep dive into dehydration, its causes and tips to watch out for its signs.
  10. Ruchira Khanna proudly narrates her pre-teen son’s penchant for running. It not only helps his physical growth but also helps him stay focussed and less stressed, she says. Read her post to know more about benefits of having fitness goals early on in life.

We hope you liked the list. Let us know in the comments below if we missed out on something important!