• Agree with you, Dr. Asrani. Each child is a master piece and comes with its own merits and should never be compared.

  • Yes. Asha.
    Sadly most parents use this comparison as a means to ‘SHAME’ the child into performing well. It misfires. I have had 4-5 year old coming to my clinic proclaiming ‘My mother hates me!’ Imagine the damage to a child’s psyche 🙁

  • Sushma

    Thank u 4 addressing a very common but a very important issue; if ONLY mothers could understand and we could save the unimaginable damage this has on a childs psyche….reminds me of a poem…
    A child is like a butterfly, Some can fly higher than others…But each one flies the best it can, Why compare one against the other?
    Each one is different.
    Each one is special.
    Each one is beautiful…..

    Sush 🙂