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Benefits of Homeopathy For Kids

Parenting is a precious gift of God. But a parent’s life is always overloaded with multiple responsibilities. And “kids’ health” is one of the most concerning aspects of parenthood. We always want our kids completely healthy. According to WHO (World Health Organisation) “Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well being, not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.”

Nowadays, it is a common occurrence that people are using alternative therapies as a treatment option. Most parents avoid using conventional drugs for common childhood ailments, because of chances of dangerous side effects. As a homeopathic physician, the question that most people often ask me, “Why is homeopathy the best treatment option for kids”? The answer is because it has some unique benefits for kids.

Homeopathy is an alternative branch of medical science that works on the basic principle of “similia similibus curentur“, means “like cures like” – in other words, a substance taken in small amounts will cure the same symptoms it causes if it has taken in large amounts.

Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, a German physician was the founder of homeopathy. He disagreed with traditional (harsh) methods of curing a disease, so he did a series of experiments (proving). He knew that cinchona bark is an effective drug for malaria when he took cinchona in a crude form but in a small amount. He observed the same symptoms like malaria in himself. This proving was remarkable and concluded the full meaning of the basic homeopathic law that is “like cures like“.

Homeopathy is so well trusted that 300 million patients in more than 80 nations use it. Some examples are: “I cannot manage without homeopathy. In fact I never go anywhere without homeopathic medicine. I often make use of them.”- Paul McCartney

“Homeopathy is the safest and most reliable approach to ailments and has withstood the assaults of established medical practice for over 100 years.”– Yehudi Menuhin. (Daily telegraph August 12, 1989)

Homeopathy has some unique principles and methods for curing a disease. According to organon of medicine, in aphorism No.2, Dr. Hahnemann says, “The highest ideal of cure is rapid, gentle and permanent restoration of the health or removal and annihilation of the disease in its whole extent, in the shortest, most reliable and most harmless way, on easily comprehensive principles”.

Although homeopathy works well in variety of diseases, it has special affinity for childhood problems. Here are some unique benefits of homeopathy in treatment of common childhood problems.

1. Safe, gentle and free from side effects
Homeopathy is the safest mode of treatment and kids deserve safe medicines. These medicines are safe to use even in very young (newborn and infant) babies. When we used conventional medicines they cause unwanted side effects. For example, diarrhoea is a common side effect of antibiotics and over the counter cough and cold medicines cause drowsiness. Nowadays a growing number of parents are concerned about the side effects of conventional drugs. In this scenario, homeopathy is a wonderful treatment option. These medicines cure diseases in a most gentle and safe manner, without any harmful side effects.

“Homeopathy cures a greater percentage of cases than any other method of treatment. Homeopathy is the latest and refined method of treating patients economically and non-violently”– Mahatma Gandhi.

2. Helps in permanent cure
When we choose the conventional mode of treatment, these medicines kill causative organisms of diseases (bacteria, fungus etc.). For example, antibiotics are used for bacterial infections and anti fungals are useful for fungal infections. And by this method, they try to make our body disease free. In other words, there is suppression of symptoms, but according to homeopathic principle, individual remedy is selected according to individual symptoms of a sick person.

For example, if a person is suffering from cold and flu, in conventional method, treatment option is same for all diseased people, but in homeopathy, a qualified homeopath will record all detailed individual symptoms of the disease. For example, character of nasal discharge, aggravating and ameliorating factors, other concomitant symptoms, general mental and physical symptoms, and after collecting these symptoms an individual similimum (most similar) remedy is prescribed. And this indicated remedy acts on individual symptoms and cures a disease from the root. This is the ideal method of curing a disease and is best suitable for kids.

3. Kids just loved it
Children often resist taking conventional drugs. They throw tantrums and get irritated by conventional medicines, but homeopathic medicines are administered in the form of the tiny sweet globule. Kids accept it very well, and sometimes love it too!

4. Increases immunity and resistance power of body naturally
According to homeopathic principle, when a person suffer from any disease his vital force (resistance power) get deranged. When an indicated homeopathic medicine is administered it acts on vital force of the body. And makes it stronger. Then this stronger vital force eliminates the disease force. Thus, our inner resistance power is increased. Kids have a delicate immune system so for them; it is an excellent method of curing a disease.

5. Complement with other therapies very well
Homeopathic medicines are believed to be safe when used with other medicines. Although homeopathic remedies should not replace conventional treatment for serious health concerns, they can be used as an alternative option. For example in the case of asthma in kids, it is necessary to use conventional inhalers and other indicated medicines. But we can add indicated homeopathic medicine along with them. When indicated medicine will start working on individual symptoms (it may take a time and patience is required), then the dose of conventional medicines can be tapered down gradually. After a period of time, the patient can control his disease with homeopathic remedy only.

6. Can be easily used at home for treatment of minor illnesses
Homeopathy is a gentle, safe and permanent mode of treatment. The method of dispensing medicine is also very simple. So after learning some basic principles every mom can use it at home for treatment of common childhood problems. But for serious health concerns, medical supervision is compulsory. Homeopathic medicine for children and infants is a great book written by Dana Ullman. In this book, he explains what is homeopathy, how it works, how it can be used correctly to treat common childhood ailments, etc. He included a complete guide to the use of homeopathy and valuable information on the important remedies that all parents have in their home medicine kits.

7. It can be used for acute and chronic conditions
Childhood is the most sensitive and fundamental phase of life. In this case, homeopathy works like a miracle in both acute and chronic diseases. In acute disorders (like common cough-cold and fever) acute remedies work rapidly with good success and in case of chronic diseases (where symptoms are less severe than acute diseases, but they can seriously affect the quality of life and may worsen over the time), well selected constitutional remedies may provide significant relief. ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), learning and behavioural problems and other psychological issues can be successfully treated with homeopathy.

Last but not the least homeopathic remedies are typically inexpensive and radially available. Therefore they provide an affordable approach for healing. So these are some wonderful benefits of Homeopathy for kids. I had observed miraculous results of homeopathy as a physician and as a parent too. So try this for healthy and happy life. Until then happy parenting.

Surbhi is a qualified doctor (B.H.M.S.) with 5 year of teaching and clinical experience. She started her writing journey at the age of 17 and published various articles in famous news paper and magazines. The most incredible experience of her life is being a mommy of two cute dolls. Recently she started her own blog Positive Parenting. She loves to write on crafting, parenting issues and kids activity and wants to share my parenting journey with others.