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My Seven Most Favourite Movie Moms

While we real moms out here are sharing their experiences about kids, motherhood and life in general, there is plenty to be learnt from some of the screen moms. These beloved movie moms live in our memories as some of the most nurturing, wise, and loving characters in cinematic history. Here are my top seven picks for favourite movie moms, moms we wish we had and moms we wish we could become.

My 7 most favorite movie moms

Jackie Harrison (played by Susan Sarandon) Stepmom

Jackie is a terminally ill single mom who is trying to live out the last days of her life celebrating her family’s time together while teaching the fiance of her ex-husband about how to be a mom to her kids once she is no more. Heartbreaking, I know! But it is also filled with beautiful, awe worthy and inspiring moments like when Jackie dances gloriously with her kids on “Ain’t no mountain high enough”

Sheryl Hoover (played by Toni Collette) Little Miss Sunshine

In one of my favourite movies ever, the everyday mom Sheryl has to deal with a husband whose career is floundering, a rebellious teen son, a suicidal gay brother, a loud mouth father in law and a daughter who despite not being the poster child for beauty wants to enter a beauty pageant for kids. She is a real mom who despite everything crazy happening in her life is trying to keep it together. This line sums it all “Dwayne, for better or worse, we’re family”. Now that’s some great life advice.

Molly Weasley (played by Julie Walters) Harry Potter Movies

With six boys and one girl, she has her hands full. She runs her household with a loving but iron hand. Her kids adore her but are also scared of her famous anger. Her love knows no limits and she takes Harry under her wings too. But when her kids are threatened, she turns into a Mama bear and doesn’t even hesitate to fight the dreaded Bella Lestrange in a fight to death.

Mrs Gump (played by Sally Fields) Forrest Gump

“Life’s a box of chocolates, Forrest. You never know what you’re gonna get.” This line is what summarizes Mrs Gump’s whole personality. Even though she is not the perfect mom she is fiercely protective and is the biggest fan of her son. Shows to go how your unwavering faith in your children can take them places.

Marmee March (played by Susan Sarandon) Little Women

Yes the character was strong and powerful in the book itself but Susan Sarandon breathed life into it in a way only she knows how to. This movie shows the beautiful bond between mothers and daughters. Marmee treated each of her daughters with love and in a unique way according to their personalities. She also showed how patience and wisdom are needed to parent children in a changing world. She does charity, shapes her daughter’s personalities and gives them life’s valuable lessons without being overbearing ever.

Elastigirl/Mrs Incredible (voiced by Helen Hunt) The Incredibles

Wife and Mother to a family of superheroes forced to live as normal people. As a super woman and as a cartoon character she manages to show that superpowers don’t maketh a supermom. Refereeing, fighting boredom, cleaning, laundering and worrying over her family all the time. She tries to keep her (super) kids grounded and works extra hard to keep them together.

Fraulein Maria (played by Julie Andrews) Sound of Music

Though technically she is not the biological mother to the Von de Trapp children but with love, patience and understanding in her huge heart she shows what parenting is. From letting the children learn through play (the famous Doe Re Mi song) to comforting the children when they are scared ( the classic Raindrops and roses), Fraulein Maria has got the parenting art down.

So these were my favourite picks for the best movie moms.

What about you? What are your favourites?

Swapna Thomas is a Work at Home Mom and a professional blogger who left the corporate rat race to raise her daughter. She loves shopping, writing, black coffee and DIY decor, in no particular order. You can catch her parenting blog and join her on Twitter @themomviews.