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My Little Chatterbox

Now that my child is 3 years old, we have non-stop blabbering in the house. She speaks her mind, her every thought comes out instantly. I think sometimes we as adults keep so much bottled inside us and filter our thoughts through so many social protocols. That is the stress.


That is the stress these little ones don’t have yet. But slowly but steadily, each time I tell her, ‘No that shouldn’t be said out loud’ or ‘that’s not good manners’, she is also becoming what might be socially acceptable but really stressful too.

Ok that was enough philosophical thoughts for one article! Here are some of the unfiltered thoughts that were spoken out loud by my innocent and stress-free baby. (If she could read the last word, she would say, “mommy I am not a baby. I a big girl!’ Sigh!)

  • ‘Mommy, I made Amber and I put dab-dab on it!’ Obviously you didn’t understand that sentence. Neither did mommy. We are still figuring out every day what that is without hurting her sentiments. I mean what kind of parent doesn’t understand their own child’s language? (Don’t answer that!)
  • ‘Tum hi ho, ab tum hi ho ,Salary ab tum hi ho!’ Yes! That’s the way we rock that song in our house. I blame the radio channel for playing that song over and over again.
  • We meet a new girl who has a big green ball, in the playground. Mommy asks the pre-schooler ‘Did you ask your new friend her name?’ I should not have asked. Pat comes the reply,’ I just want to play with the ball, mommy. That’s all about!’
  • ‘Momma her boobies are bigger than yours’. I promise I never taught her that. I don’t even show her TV. 🙁 Bah! Pre-schoolers!
  • ‘Momma give a huggie and kissy to the rat now! He is people, honey!’ The rat is a soft toy she adores. Now why do they make rat soft toys? Why do I have to have a girl who adores it so much?
  • At the crossroads, we are waiting for the ‘walk’ signal to turn on. There are many people around. The pre-schooler yells,’ See there is the McDonalds! Me hungry, we should get some fries.’ Yup! We are fast food junkies! Even though I can count on her chubby little finger the times she has had the said fries!
  • The toddler has joined swimming classes recently! Her teacher is scared that no other parent will let their toddlers to learn from her or probably even report her! Our little girl here shouts ‘Save me, Save me! Mumma’ all the time she is in the pool!
  • So the other day, while returning from preschool, my 3 yr old demands for a skipping rope. I tell her that I have no coins. She thinks a while and tells me ‘Mumma has a card, na!’ Yup Mumma got the skipping rope, alright!
  • ‘Mumma get your own baba, he is my baba’ when mumma gives a hug to baba (my husband, her father) .  She gets rather indignant and we get a feeling that we are being moral policed 😀 For fun when we try and sit close or hug in front of her, she would immediately say something and run and come in between us. Too cute I tell you!

I love everything that my daughter says. I, for most parts, just listen to the chatterbox chattering away and that’s entertainment beyond anything else for me. I cannot think beyond what she says most days and that’s why this article. 😀

Have fun reading this and if this brings a smile to your face, that makes it worthwhile, doesn’t it?

An erstwhile Quality Analyst, Sirisha Achanta, is now a full-time mommy to an adorable 2-year-old girl and a part-time writer. 🙂  She loves to dance, dream and read a lot!