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Re-living Motherhood

It has been a wonderful stint with my tiny tot who arrived around nine months back. At first, I was apprehensive if I would be able to go through that extensive and elaborate process of gestation, then delivery and the postpartum trauma and hiccups. I had a strict thought process where I was very clear that I would never ever go for a second innings. My seven year old son would be our one and only blue eyed boy. All my intelligence, my efforts and motherhood would be only his right.

Until just a few years ago, when my son started telling me how lonely he feels and how excited he would feel if he had a sibling. Initially, I would shoo away these talks and would divert his thoughts to his small world but this was not working out every time. My elder son, being the first grandchild in both the families, was extensively pampered and was given utmost importance by both of us too. So knowing all this, getting ready for sleepless nights which were history once again was hard to digest.

We thought, thought and thought some more and we decided we should have a new member coming in our family of three, because three is boring, four makes it complete. I know you may ridicule my reason and it may sound like a very weird reason to produce a baby. But on serious thought, I felt that a sibling is always a companion for the other one. Somehow, siblings stand tightly bound in good and bad times. In adverse situations both the siblings take responsibility for each other and pledge their well being as they are of the same blood and flesh. When my elder sister is in distress or vice versa, we know that we can get back to each other in the absence of our mentally mighty and powerful mom and caring dad. Likewise, my brother-in-law is tightly bound to my husband and so is my husband to him. Guess that is a part of the family value system and the upbringing of our parents.

On my conception, my son like a naughty kid kept telling me –”Mum, I have kept this secret to myself. But I told God about the secret – if he can please send a brother in our family”. When I asked him why such a gender bias, he told me – “I don’t like a sister, they cry a lot.” I was happy to tell him that his innocent wish was fulfilled and I would be reliving the days of those chuckles and babbles and coughs, colds, immunizations and would feel the best when the baby starts staring at me and gives me a sweet toothless smile. I was right; my child prayed for a baby brother and we got one.

Now majority rules in the house with three men and I am alone, supporting the woman ideology. My friends ridiculed me saying, “You were already a mom of a hyper son now with this addition we’ll see you shrink to Size Zero.” But, I knew all of this was true but ultimately I would be able to manage these men. My little one was expressive like his brother and for him I was the most important person in his life. Nobody ever gave me so much of importance in my existing years but my baby ensured that he treated me like a celebrity. My motherhood had attained a degree of expertise and I was trying to recollect the hits and misses during my first innings. Sadly, during my first child I was engaged with a full time demanding job and could barely give him the luxurious leisure time. But this time I knew I was making up for my little one. My elder son, I feel, has suddenly grown up and has stood true to his word of being a big brother.

I am amazed at the way my son has coped up with the change in the attention time shared between him and the baby. Motherhood taught me patience but with the second innings it taught me to be a mommy on my toes. I know even if I choose to hibernate on my couch it may not be possible as the bliss time will be completely ruled by the two hyper active bundles. My little wonder ensures that he learns everything around him. Seeing him, I feel he is in a hurry to crawl and go to school and would want to learn everything before his said age.

My elder son taught me a lot of things which I was failing at but my little one also taught me one good thing – “Mum, you are the best and you are ultimately ours.” I feel, now that I am a mom of two, how much will I get to rest my back with a loaded ginger chai to sip on or will need to keep my ears open for my two bundles who are so full of noise and chaos. They need someone to control them – and I know that’s me. Because I am a “Mum of two”.

Moushumi says- After 12 years of banking experience, I chose to take a sabbatical for my kids and be an enterprising mother. I am a Bachelor in Commerce, Masters in Finance Management and done diploma in creative writing .Writing is my passion and wish to develop it further. My husband is my inspiration to all my aspirations. I am a mother of two sons, my elder being 6 yrs old and younger about 1 month old . I love travelling and writing about places visited and every thought that fascinates me. All this can be read in my blog Life Bytes.