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Are you ready to learn from your kids?

A couple of days ago, I was waiting for my darling daughter to return from school. I was used to see her usual smiling face glowing bright in the shining sun when she steps down from the bus but that day her beautiful smile was missing. He face was dull and I could sense something wrong has happened to her. As she stepped down the stairs, I welcomed her for a hug with open hands and guess what….. She broke down!

Following is the conversation that followed:

Me: What happened baby? Why are you crying? Are you OK?
She: No I am not OK Mumma… I am not talking to you

I wondered why she is upset with me because she happily left home for school in the morning!
I asked again, “Why, why are you not talking to Mumma? What did I do?”
Still sobbing, she replied, “You forgot to keep my drawing colours and the colouring book in my school bag and I had to sit idle for the entire class. You know every child had his book except me!”
I thought, “What!!! That’s it?” I breathed a sigh of relief!

It was like a mountain of labour pain and a mouse as a result for me but at the same time I thanked God that there was nothing to worry and my little doll is safe as ever! ( A fearful mother can have a million negative thoughts in just a single minute! ) Though it may seem trivial for anyone but I very well knew what the once a week drawing class meant for my 6 year old little artist.

I said, “Awww…. So my princess is upset with this! Now stop crying and tell Mumma what should she do to make her beloved princess happy?”
She replied with all her innocence, “Say sorry and promise that you will not forget to keep it in my bag for my next drawing class.”
I said, “I am extremely sorry my baby” and she was real quick in replying, “It’s Okay Mumma and don’t forget to take care for the next class” Oh did I mention, she replied with her ever sweet smile?

I was surprised to see how easy kids take life to be. They have the simplest of solutions for every problem. For them, if you make a mistake, you say sorry, you get an ‘it’s OK’ reply then everything rolls back to normal. After that there is no room left for any more grievances, resentment, ego or clashes. Why does growing up make us lose our innocence and simplicity? How much have we lost during our journey from childhood to adulthood? Can’t we be like kids when it comes to ‘forgive and forget’?

That day she taught me how at times it helps to see the world through the eyes of these little angels. Life is very beautiful and meant to be happy. The first step in the process is “easily letting things go”. I realized the truth that while I am about to teach my little girls everything about life, in the process they teach me what life is all about. Their innocence has much to teach as long I am open to learn.

I just want to let my little girls know that I am always there to learn from them and I am sure all through learning together, we’ll explore more of happiness, more of fun, more of life.
I am all set for it. Are you ready too?

Hi, I am Shokhi, a stay at home mom to two adorable daughters, married for 7 years to a workaholic husband, trying to balance working from home and taking care of the house. I complain sometimes about the mom mess, but it doesn’t take away from the fact that I know every single day how lucky I am to have the life I do. I live for spending quality time with my family. They are my world and greatest accomplishments in life. I want to be an amazing mom and I want to give my little babies an amazing life. I blog at Sheer Parenting and am active on Facebook and Twitter