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5 Useful Tips To Deal With A Defiant Toddler

Do you find your toddler being uncooperative in simple day-to-day activities? Are you finding it difficult to deal with your defiant toddler? If you agree, you need to find out ways to deal with your defiant toddler. Dealing with a defiant toddler can be a tough, challenging task. However, you need to handle your resistant kid smartly. Scroll down to discover some effective tips to tackle your defiant toddler.


  1. Note Good Behavior and Appreciate It:

You might find yourself instructing and shouting at your stubborn toddler, and it may not work in spite of your efforts. However, appreciation can work wonders. Notice good behavior and good habits of your little one and appreciate them. Let your toddler know that you are happy with his good behavior and that he is good at the particular task. For instance, if your toddler keeps his toys in place after playing, then praise saying ‘You did a great job by putting toys back in place properly’. This will motivate him to follow your instructions.


  1. Give Positive Instructions:

No one likes to hear negations like, ‘No’ or ‘Don’t’ every now and then, and same is with your toddler. So, choose to give your kid positive instructions. For instance, instead of saying, ‘Don’t leave your books and socks on the ground.’ choose to instruct ‘Please put your books and socks in their place.’. Your defiant toddler is more likely to listen to the second instruction.


  1. Avoid Nagging & Instruct Only Once:

Nagging your defiant toddler is more likely to irritate him and prevent him from obeying you. So, give instruction only once and not now and then. Giving lots of instructions again and again may foster greater disobedience and his defiance may increase.


  1. Set Limits:

Set limits to your toddler’s defiant behavior. Make it clear to him what you won’t be tolerating. For instance, if your toddler won’t like playing with a certain toy, make it clear to him that you won’t tolerate him throwing away a toy just because he no more wants it. Let him know that if you find him throwing away the toys or his belongings unnecessarily, then you may punish him appropriately.Cialis Generic. affects the duration of sexual intercourse. As I use, it begins to work gradually.


  1. Learn To Ignore:

Last, but not the least, you should also learn when to ignore. If you pay attention to the defiant behavior of your toddler all the time then your little one may turn more defiant. So, you should learn to ignore the annoying, arrogant behavior of your toddler at times. If you stop paying attention to his annoying acts, your toddler too may curb it. But, if you react to his every act, he may end up throwing more tantrums and turn more defiant. Learn to ignore at proper times, and your defiant toddler will learn that his arrogant behavior doesn’t work anymore.


Do you have any effective tips to deal with your defiant toddler? Which tricks did you find most helpful? Share you experience and tips with other concerned parents by leaving a comment below.


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