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Why I Want To Be A Child Again

As parents, we are often very eager to teach our babies what we know about life. But do we have to really? To tell the truth, several times I have felt small in front of my one year old. I have felt almost everyday that I’m in no position to impart him any life skills, and that I should be learning from kids. He’s a lot smarter, and more importantly a lot happier than I am. And he always leaves me wondering, ‘What are babies doing differently that makes them so infectiously joyful?‘. So here I share a few lovely life lessons that my baby has taught me.

1.) Start the day with a smile

learning from kids

Every morning as soon as he opens his eyes, however much groggy he is, he makes sure he gives out his best smile to welcome the new day. He is ever so excited for the day to begin. What I really admire though is the consistency. He is capable of doing this every single day without fail. I wish I could do that more often. Half your day’s challenges and problems would be met with so much positivism if one can make this a daily habit.

2.) Find laughter in the silliest of things

learning from kids

learning from kids

We adults take ourselves too seriously. Yes, I agree that we have chores and responsibilities, stressful days at work or home. And not many of us have the talent to not let it affect us. I know that I myself try struggle with it daily, but somehow these tiny human beings are so much better at it. My little one amazes me every time when he acts silly and laughs hard at it. Today he might find it very funny that he’s made a new hat out of a basket . And tomorrow he is laughing uncontrollably about a new style he created out of a clothespin. The best part is, he makes me laugh too. Life would be so much better if every one of us adults did that – make each other laugh.

3.) Cheer up quickly

learning from kids

One distressing event and I lose sleep over it (not that I’ve been sleeping any better otherwise, but still). We human beings tend to dwell in our misery so much that we forget we are just a tiny speck in the whole making of this vast universe. But these little ones have all of that figured. They bounce back so quickly, they even put basketballs to shame. Yes they do cry a lot, but that’s because you replaced the fork in his hand with a spoon, not because he fell off the staircase ten minutes ago. You see, what I mean? They will cry, but only over new things. Rest of the time they are busy being blissfully happy.

4) Never give up

learning from kids

We are all born with this talent and somehow we all lose it along the way to become adults. I have put my son down from the coffee table umpteen times and discouraged him everytime he made an attempt to climb. I have seen him falling from chairs, tables, cots, windows and what not. But none of my warnings or struggles to keep him down has worked. When he puts his mind to climbing that table he will keep trying. Not just until he succeeds, (what if that is a beginner’s luck) but until he perfects that technique.

Now it’s not that we aren’t aware of any of this. We all know better than any other that this how life should be led – with less judgement, more laughter, less sulking and more forgiving. But we are so…ADULTS. Maybe with the new year around the corner, I should promise myself to try and be more like a child. ‘Cause only children know HOW to GROW!

Thushara – A fairly new Mommy who is always at Target to a highly inquisitive little guy who inspires her to be a better entertainer, chef, nurse, maid, playmate and much more every single day. She tries her best to keep up with the big world wide web on @dhruvacharitham and @stayatTargetmom