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Games Papa Played

I was called by the younger one to play with her, only the idea was to be the other player on Xbox as she needed a partner for the same. This took me back to the memory lane to my own childhood and I asked her why don’t we go down and play something in the garden.

Games Papa Played - Childhood Games - Traditional Children's Games

“ Garden, in this hot weather”, she sniggered,

“But we can have some fun” there I insisted

“No Papa, we can go to the garden in the evening, let us play here now”

Poor papa who had become a little more poorer in process of buying new titles of games for the console, succumbed to the pressure and joined as prop for the interactive game.  While I went through the motions I was wondering what kind of interactive game is this that makes you confine to a room and your partner is a computer chip embedded deep inside the bowels of the console.

One of the ways to connect back with your childhood is to play those games once again that you played as a child. Alas a lot of those opportunities are not available to kids today. How many urban kids today can boast of skills with catapult to bring back a particularly ripe looking mango from a tree?  Not only aim at it but also catch it before it falls to the ground!

Well yours truly specialized in such few activities and was third in command of the gang of “Raiders of the Mango Trees”, off course our gang name changed as per the season. So some time it was time to climb the Jamun trees, we will collect the purple fruits and divide it in N +1 part. N being the number of gang member present during the raid. The +1 part was prize for the raider who climbed the highest on the tree or sometime for the raider whose tongue became the “Purplest” while completing his Jamuns. Oh, and if you are wondering who led this gang it was my cousin Pummy, who is now mom of 2 kids of her own.  But here kids too just like mine have no idea about some of these games that we played as kids.

As our gang leader was a girl every once in a while we will play the so called girly games like “Stapu” if you are wondering what it was, check the video to find out about “Stapu

And the Lattu? How many of you remember playing Lattu? I will not even try to explain here what fun playing with Lattu was, and how much lattu I was on one the friends of Pummy. ( shh it’s a secret and shall always remain one )

I think the only game my kids play that I too played as a kid is Hide and Seek only they like to hide when their mother is calling them for milk or studies.

Well enough of nostalgia, let me try teaching them a few games that I played, only I need to find some fruit bearing trees in the neighborhood that we can raid.

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