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Father’s Day Special: All Daddies Strongest!

Father’s Day is right here, and if you have not hatched any plans to make the day special for your dad, then get on with it! You can thank us later! Dads are some of the world’s most under rated beings, and we know that because they keep complaining about it! Mommies get poems and stories written about them and get likened to Goddesses, but none of that can take away the huge and special place that dads have in kids’ hearts. So this Father’s Day, we bring to you some of the best posts written for fathers, some of them from the horse’s, we mean father’s mouth!

fathers day special

1. The Grand Arrival

During pregnancy, a mom has cravings, becomes beautifully rounded, has a life growing inside her, while the father is…well, a little at sea. However, nowadays fathers become happy troopers for their wives during pregnancy and childbirth. Sid shares his journey from squeamishness to becoming a support system before his son’s birth.

2. Bonding With Baby

The bond between a mother and child is formed the moment a mother comes to know of her conception, but it is a different ball game altogether for the father, who is excited, but a little clueless too! Upasna talks about how she and her husband lovingly built the baby-dad bond.

3. Happy Times With Daddy!

Even babies know that mommies are for fulfilling all their needs and daddy is for having fun! No one can bring a bigger smile to a baby’s face than a father. Obviously, this is enough to make any mom slightly jealous, and wish for the supposedly easier job, as Rituparna Ghosh writes.

4. Building A Strong Foundation

We see that when a child is born, the father redoubles his efforts to earn and provide for the new member, which effectively means that the father is not present during the crucial first years of the baby, except when the child needs something. Dr. Asrani stresses on the importance of fathers ‘mothering’ their kids – a good practice for the whole family.

5. Daddy 2.0

We are celebrating Father’s Day this weekend. As we think about ways and means to make our dads feel special, we also need to think about the changing role of dads in a child’s life. Diana Pinto lays down the definition.

6. Father-Daughter Time

Fathers generally take a backseat in caring for the child (also because moms don’t want to relinquish their hold over their precious babies) but the father-child relationship blossoms when they are left alone. Not just that, they also lead to some pretty fun moments, as Prasad NP experienced.

7. Come Back Soon, Dad!

The general assumption is that kids can’t do without their mothers, but fathers are missed too! When daddy is out on business trips, kids become a barrel of questions and demonstrations of how much they miss their father. In these days, distraction and entertainment should be a mom’s strategy to keep the kiddo happy till papa comes back. Sakshi Nanda has your back in this regard.

8. Listening To Father

Dads, in their wish to protect their little daughters from the world, occasionally go overboard in ‘being dad’. It might lead to sparks of anger flying in the house, but they are almost always doused before getting converted to a full fledged fire. Underneath this occasional animosity, fathers and daughters have an eternal spring of love for each other, as explained by Ronita Maitra.

9. Lessons from Life, From A Father

When you become a parent, the cache of experiences that you have had with your own parents becomes your biggest wealth. Yes, even bigger that Google searches or parenting books. Fathers are arguably the biggest influences on a man’s life – from habits, opinions and outlook towards life, a lot of it is inherited from fathers. Kavi reminisces about his father.

10. A Special Relationship

In every household, we see that father and daughter have formed a mutual admiration club and share a precious bond, even to the exclusion of others. Fathers are their girl’s protector, friend, guide and the blueprint of what their future partner should look like. Manjulika talks about her special relationship with her father.

11. Tough Love

On the other hand, relationships between a father and a son can be complicated, even strained. Fathers reserve their disciplinary side for their sons, and expect them to fall in line. This strain is especially visible when sons grow up and get a mind of their own. Nelton D’Souza outlines one such relationship.

12. The Many Facets Of Fatherhood

Girls are in a very interesting position when it comes to dealing with fathers – they grow up in the arms of their father, witness their husband be a doting father, and also see their sons become fathers! Shail Raghuvanshi writes an ode to these three generations on Father’s Day.

13. Every Day Hero

Mothers often complain that fathers are complacent parents, stepping in only to discipline kids or when the mom is not available. This might be true in some cases, but when the time comes, fathers are stupendous at stepping up to the plate and getting the job done. Here is a story of a father who was a hero for his daughters, and made the best of a tragic situation.

14. Every Daughter’s Knight

A father is a daughter’s first hero. What else remains to be said? No matter how old a daughter gets or how many other people she meets, a father is the epitome of a knight who saves the day. Cynthia shares the old school bond she has with her father.

15. Happy Father’s Day!

Mother’s Day is sacrosanct; breakfasts-in-bed, flowers and pampering being par for the course for mommies who know and nurture babies 9 months before everyone else. Well, fathers also sacrifice a lot – their evenings out with their friends, their monopoly over their wife’s attention and most importantly, their money. And for this, they deserve an ode, given ably by Sakshi Nanda.

That was some of the love for fathers and Father’s Day that we had accumulated over the years, which we hope has succeeded in making you all mushy for your father and just in the right mood to celebrate the one day that gives you scope to show your dad some extra love. Happy Father’s Day people!