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Beware Of Health Quotient

Variety is the spice of life:

The food items placed on the plate decide your well being. Mothers who are concerned about the health of their kids should understand one crucial factor. What they put on the plate as food gives energy to them. So there should be adequate efforts to make the food not only tasty for their children, but also nutrient enough to give them sufficient strength to carry out daily affairs. It is a routine thing to serve the kids breakfast in the form of Idlis (Rice cakes ) in South India and rice in the afternoon. Again in the evening they give snacks. Unfortunately, these snacks are junk foods or fast foods which harm the body rather than giving boost to their precious children.

Moderation is secret of our energy:

People talk about balanced diet. By this we say about the mixture of all the food items in the equal manner. Both vegetables and fruits are to be used in large quantity as they are capable of giving necessary vitamins and minerals for the growth of the children. You stunt your kids growth by giving all the food items so that they grow up at the normal pace and without any worry on the part of mothers and fathers about slow growth. With the attention and a little more efforts on the part of the mothers to encourage their children to take traditional foods.

Check up the well being regularly:

Children are very much ignorant and innocent and their vulnerability demands their mothers to be vigilant and careful to see that the food they consume should be in favour of their health rather than it should not work against their well being. For this, they should observe and look for any symptoms their children show after taking a particular food.

Water is elixir of life:

Water is an important aspect of food as it serves the purpose of quenching our thirst and curb dehydration. Daily we have to take five litres of water for maintaining good health. This is same for kids also. Be alert, we should not take water before taking food and after taking food. There should be half an hour break.

If you evince your taste buds by consuming pickles and other packaged items you would encounter health problems as they are enemies to good health. Please at all cost don’t encourage children to eat them. If they act stubborn, give them junk food only once in 15 days.

Antony Samy is a retired Bank Deputy Manager. He lives in Chennai and his hobbies include reading and writing.