A Giggle, A Smile, A Haha-Hehe To You And Your Child!

As parents we have lots on our minds, and there have been days surely when we have not even stopped to appreciate a good joke. However, we need to slow down, laugh and more importantly, teach this valuable life skill to our kids.

Benefits Of Humor - A Giggle, A Smile, Haha-Hehe To You & Your Child

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Trusting Your Child

As I was leaving my clinic one afternoon, I saw two mothers fighting over the allegation that son of one (M) had first hit the other one (S) and caused a big bruise. M’s mother was vehemently denying and kept insisting ‘My son can never start a fight!’

Trusting Your Child - Believe Your Children

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A Nostalgic Number

“Yeh daulat bhi le lo yeh shoharat bhi le lo” crooned Jagjit Singh, his voice filtering out of the music system. As he continued singing, the lyrics automatically started to send me wandering down memory lane.

Memories of Childhood, Nostalgic Number

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Free Play Rules

In the last week of school, I was inundated with brochures and pamphlets of summer camp, sports training, swimming classes, art classes, speech and drama classes – you name it and I was holding a pamphlet of that class. My heart had multiple blips when I saw the cost of these ‘skill and character developing’ classes.

Benefits Of Free Play Rules

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About The Birds And Bees

The kids came running home after play last evening, sounding very excited. The cause of excitement, as I learnt later, were a couple of snakes in the open grassy land next to the apartment.


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Hello Dad, I Am All Ears For You

I still remember an incident when I had got down from a train to look out for my Dad who had gone out to buy some fruits, My Mom was there sitting on her seat and I had constantly consoled myself that Dad would be back before the train whistles.

Hello Dad, I Am All Ears For You - Letter To Dad From Daughter

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Growing Wings

In the first trimester of every year, there would be uncertainty in most families with children getting ready for higher education. In our family, my niece was one of them. Born and brought up in Bahrain, her parents were of the opinion that she should go abroad. And amazingly; my niece chose our home country and seemed eager to explore the world out yonder…

Growing Wings - Teaching Self-Reliance To Kids

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Disciplining My Son

My mum was a school teacher. Discipline just came easy for her. But I am not. Why do I think this is essential in my child’s life?


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To Whom Ails The Separation Anxiety?

Bit by bit, my notions and my perspective about motherhood and its various phases are changing. Before the little on walked into my life, I had my own theories about everything. All of this accumulated from experience as a maasi to my now 8-year old nephew and all the books and articles I have read over a period of time. But for nothing do they say “Child is the father of man”.

Separation Anxiety In New Moms - Parenting

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