Unlearning My Creativity

I love art, craft and all things creative and most of my free time is spent in artsy stuff. Unlike typical artists who love the unorganised environs, I am all for planning and organising. When the universe conspired to throw in an energetic pre-schooler in my organised artsy world, one can only guess the resulting riot. With my son very much being my partner in creativity, a few things he made me unlearn in our artsy journey.


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Celebrating Womanhood Through The Eyes Of Our Children

On International Women’s Day, the world is brimming with news, events and activities celebrating womanhood. A farce really, when women are being humiliated, molested and raped every other day. You might wonder as to why such a kind of post is appearing in the Parentous column.

Celebrating Womanhood Through The Eyes Of Our Children

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Get Down And Get Dirty – Making Mummy Memories

We moms are a busy lot. We have the dishes to do, dinner to prepare, the next day’s lunch-box to plan, kids’ studies to take up, and their nails to cut. But what do our kids want, especially our toddlers, pre-schoolers and pre-teens? They want their mom to play with them.

Why Play With Your Child - Making Mummy Memories - Get Down And Get Dirty

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Adopted Children

Are you planning to adopt a child or have you already adopted a child? I am sure you must have fulfilled all the legal formalities of adopting a child. I am not going into any form of legal issues. I am today dwelling on emotional and social issues, as far as adoption is concerned.

Adopted Children - Do's And Don'ts

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Safety First

One can never be too safe but one can always be very sorry. Now that our little grandson has mastered the art of crawling, I find that toys have lost their allure. What can be more exciting than coloured plastic that either squeaks, squawks or wiggles? He would much rather spend hours turning over slippers he finds in his way, bang away at pots, fling his own plastic tableware and observe the grownups going about their own business.

Toddlers Need To Explore But With Safety - Tips - Parenting

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Should I Or Shouldn’t I?

That’s the question. I am talking about extra-curricular classes here. Like, music; dance; karate; taekwondo; gymnastics; keyboard; violin; swimming; skating; tennis and the like.

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Dr Seuss

Dr Seuss’s books are always a big hit at my home. My daughter just loves reading his books along with me. All his books have a poetic appeal and senseless rhyming. March is his birthday month and its celebrated by kids all over the world with reading sessions and craft activities related to Seuss’s book.

Dr Seuss' 5 Best Books - Book Recommendations

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