Instinctively Tech Savvy

It is said that in the olden days little girls were made of sugar and spice and all that’s nice while little boys were made of frogs and snails and puppy dog tails. Obviously somewhere along the line, the formula got jumbled up and in today’s day and age, both girls and boys are made out of grey cells that are far advanced than ours ever were. Indeed, without sounding like a doting grandmother, I’d like to believe that kids today are wired differently.


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Arguing With Your Child

Mother of a 6-year-old boy, K, came to me in the beginning of April; she was very tensed. On enquiring what happened? She said ‘I had booked a summer camp for K, 3 months ago where he was to be busy for 6 hours a day. They just informed that camp is cancelled, as they did not get requisite permissions; Doc, do you know of any camp where I can keep him busy for 4-6 hours? If he remains at home, we will die fighting’.

Stop Arguing With Your Child And Stop Them From Arguing

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How Being A Parent Teaches Us To Be Mindful

One Sunday evening my kid got pushed while playing on the play structure. He comes with his bruised elbow to the bench where I was sitting with a few sobs.

Seeing that bruise, made my heart skip a beat, and I blow the mud off his bruise while keeping a sharp ear towards his details.

How Being A Parent Teaches Us To Be Mindful

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The Sense Of Humor

No matter how much we say each kid is different and we should not compare we still lovingly maintain every single achievement the kids make.

Her first words even if they were just goo goo or gaa gaa

Developing A Sense Of Humor An Essential Part Of Growing Up

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What We Want Our Kids To Be?

143 per cent increase in the number of rapes by juveniles…

87 per cent increase in the murders committed by minors…

72 per cent of the cases against minors between 2007 and 2012 were for theft, burglary and causing hurt…

A whopping 500 per cent increase in the number of kidnappings of women and girls by minors…

Important Values To Teach A Child - Morals & Social Behaviour

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The Right To Dream

A couple of months ago, I visited my hometown to spend time with my parents. I got the rare chance of meeting old school friends after almost 20 years! The girls were shining in varied fields and it filled my heart with pride and admiration to see everyone so well placed and successful.


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The Infinite Infant Wisdom

“Who says I need the Zen or a Guru to show me the wisdom? Tell them I have a baby, the greatest teacher of life.”

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Expectations – Disappointment Under Construction?

“The expectations of others were the bars I used for own cage” – Anonymous

Keeping High Expectations From Your Child! - Expectations – Disappointment Under Construction?

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To Beat Or Not To Beat A Child

A question which has always been a matter of concern for the parents is whether to beat or not to beat the child, to reform him. In olden days parents beat their children left and right. As children, the adults of my generation have faced harsh beating by the parents.

Hitting Your Child Is Wrong - To Beat Or Not To Beat A Child

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