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The Gadget Kid

The first few letters that you murmured
Were not at all easy to pick
Trying and failing at each attempt
We gave up on what does it mean

The Gadget Kid

You kept your ears and eyes wide open
To ask us for all those things which
We use and play with once
You can utter those words clearly

Both of us were happy and dancing when
You courageously uttered the word ‘Mobile’
And came a shock of the life when
You blatantly refused to eat unless we hand you the mobile

We passed by Mobile, CD, Laptop, and XBOX
As each of your birthday passed by
Where Facebook, Angry Birds, Chikni Chameli ruled
And Friends, outdoor and indoor games were sidelined
Showing your affection towards these gadgets

You sang a poem only when ‘Talking Cat’ echoed it
You learnt and studied with the help of Audio Visual CD
You ate your food easily when Chikni Chameli played on loop
And you fidgeted with the Mobile irrespective of the time

We were a worried lot then but not now
As you say Mummy, Papa, Dada, Dadi
Come to us, talk, share, smile, cry, behave and understand
With such love and affection that makes us feel
You are not The Gadget Kid

Hetal Kachalia is a preschool teacher in the morning and a dotting home maker by the evening. She blogs at