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Schools Are Sacred Homes Of Guided Principles And Ideologies-No More!

It’s not ‘Masti ki Paathshaala’ (A school to just have fun for the sake of fun). We send our kids to SCHOOL. A place to learn and be educated, to know the rights from the wrongs, to know the science and art of the world, to study the lives and inventions by the geniuses on this planet.

Why We Need Schools? Schools Are No More Sacred Homes.

We send them to SCHOOL to guide them, have experiences in academics that will hone their future lives, their decisions, their attitudes and their thinking. SCHOOLS that will give them the strength to question the corrupt, and be the backbone of their lives. WE DO NOT SEND THEM TO A PLACE CALLED ‘School’ WHICH BREAKS THE VERY BACKBONE OF OUR FAITH and TRUST!!! That houses pocket money makers in the name of teachers and lusty intentions in the guise of caretakers.

Every morning Moina asks me why she has to go to SCHOOL every day. She loves going to SCHOOL. Every day my answer is the same – ‘Babu, you go to school to become sharper, smarter and a better human being.’ From this day onwards, when an innocent has been taken undue advantage of, I do not know if I want to answer Moina with the above explanation when she asks me the same question tomorrow. I do not know if I want her to go to SCHOOL at all. My mind is ruined for good… to trust those five to six hours to be hours of learning and education, of lofty ideals and belief – It’s ruined. My innocence has been robbed. Leave alone the child’s.

Who do I tell her to trust? Who is a trustworthy uncle, aunt, guardian, grandparent, neighbour, relative, GURU???!!! What on earth is TRUST???!!!! And my tot is only three and a half. I have trouble keeping her away from anyone who holds out a candy. How do I ensure that any other school is any better? CCTVs do not prevent crimes. They record crimes. How do I ensure good intentions?! In any school?! Do high fees ensure good intentions and sacred faith in the system of education?! Do GPS systems in buses ensure that? Does it really matter to have all women staff in an all women school? What ensures safety of my child, your child anywhere?

Even before I join protest marches, I have answers to give to myself. I do not have faith in this system. Nirbhaya incident was a case in point. Protests are I know a democratic right, but it did not reduce or stop the crimes from happening. So how can protests ensure the safety of our children going forward?

I do not know if signing petitions will help, but I will sign. I do not know if talking to the Principal of that school will help, but I will talk. I do not know if talking to every school management and staff and children will help, but I will talk. I do not know if blogging and tweeting will help raise awareness, but I will blog and tweet. But it’s not a nice world. It’s not easy to be a La ‘QUEEN’ (pun intended if you know what I am talking about) in this world embracing all psychos with love and make them nice human beings.

I am an anguished mother and an anguished human being. We do not need Masti Ki Paathshaalas… We need Schools with Integrity, Conscience and TEACHERS!!!!!

Madhavi Mukherjee is an amused mother who still thinks and believes that while she sleeps at night, three year old tot is being trained by someone to learn new words, do new stuff, and to express better each day. She has been a practicing communications professional for over a decade. Madhavi is an aspiring singer, craft teacher, seamstress, painter and writer. Madhavi is getting used to her new designation as a Stay-At-Home-Mum and is enjoying every bit of the way. You can read more of Madhavi on and