Missing School Days

I am sure that all of us would agree that school days remain among the best days of our lives, and for whatever reason remain fresh in our memories as if they happened just yesterday, don’t they. All of us long for those wonderful days when innocence was in plenty and life was much simpler, don’t we.


Ok, now that I have managed to get your attention to this post, let me come straight to the topic. Just like the rest of you, I also miss the good old school days, the only difference being at this point in time I am not missing my school days, but the school days of my little daughter, who is permanently at home since October 2nd, courtesy the puja holidays at her play home.

When R was younger, both my wife and me used to read out stories to her, talk to her and make her reply to our questions, show her different things and help her identify them, play with colors and teach her the various shapes and sounds, used to read out her animal books, vegetable books, fruit books, and teach her various things. Little did we realize that keeping my daughter engaged for a good portion of her day would end up backfiring in such a crazy manner.

Since R joined playschool in June, my wife has been enjoying her three hours of peace in the morning, after which R comes home, has her lunch and naps for a good two hours. So all in all, my wife had a good five hours at her disposal during which time she used to complete the cooking, house work and also have some time to pursue her hobbies which includes reading, putting up posts on my blog and other assorted things. However, as all good things come to an end, so did this. Come October 2nd, and after spending one full day with my daughter, both of us realized that we were in trouble for the time that her school remained closed.

She has developed into this relatively hyperactive kid who cannot sit still for even a small period of time. She needs to continuously be given stimuli to her brain in the form of books, crayons, shapes, colors, physical games, conversations, questions, answers to her questions, the list goes on. And to add fuel to this fire is the fact that nowadays she is not tired by the time it is her usual nap time. And this means that she has a very light nap in the afternoons which is invariably disturbed by some courier delivery person who picks the wrong doorbell to ring and hits the switch which has the weird song which always wakes little R up.

My parents, my wife and me have all had enough of reading out the same books to her again and again, we have all had enough of playing the same games with her. My wife and me have had enough of taking her to the park and hoisting her up the platform from where she slides down. For whatever reason, she refuses to climb the steps up the platform and insists on being physically hoisted up by either of us. All in all, our levels of patience are severely depleted, and we are now turning to divine assistance to help us get through the 10 odd days more before her play school reopens.

While we truly appreciate the fact that the little one is not at all interested in television viewing of any kind for a duration of more than 5 mins at a stretch, at times we end up praying that she watches a little more TV to reduce the hyper-activity that surrounds her when she is in the same room.

To be really honest, I have never really missed school so much until the last week or so, when I have truly wished and prayed that it reopened soon.

I would love to hear your viewpoints on how you tackle hyper activity in your two year old children. Any tips and suggestions will be rewarded in the form of inclusions in our daily thanksgiving to the Almighty.

Jairam Mohan is a 33 yr old father, of an almost 2-year-old daughter, settled in Bangalore. He and his wife tend to see the funny side of things in life which helps them maintain sanity in their otherwise crazy and stressful working lives. While his day job involves poring over Excel spreadsheets and preparing PowerPoint presentations, his other hobbies include frequent updation of his blog on varied topics and watching/writing about movies.

  • Take her to the garden and let her run around, chase some birds, swing, she need to spend her energy. This is what we do….

    • Jairam Mohan

      @desitraveler:disqus, well, given that we don’t have a garden nor any good parks near our place, we have to wait till the evening, when we take her to the park. And yes, that one hour is where she expends quite a bit of her energy

  • Diana Natasha Pinto

    It can be quite tedious handling a hyperactive kid at home. You need to keep thinking about different ways to keep them occupied. We generally take our son to the park. At home I normally keep him engaged with an activity like colouring or writing. He’s most happy and occupied when kids come over home to play with him and it also gives us a break.

    • Jairam Mohan

      @diananatashapinto:disqus, absolutely. While we do keep her engaged at home with various activities, the fact remains that my wife also has her office at home activities to take care of and I can spend only a few hours in the evenings with her, and that’s what prompted this post

  • Sid Balachandran

    Great, your posts are everywhere dude! Jokes aside, valid point. Though not yet 2, we’re experiencing the same “joyful ride” with Little Ri. And since I’m at home for most part of the day, it’s been tiring to say the least. The only suggestion I can give, which worked for the better part of the holiday period is exactly what Diana and Prasad have mentioned. It’s about the engagement piece, and I take him downstairs for about 90 mins where he plays in the play area whilst I catch up on my stuff – well I suppose thats where technology comes handy.

    • Jairam Mohan

      @iwrotethose:disqus, good that you have play areas really close to your place. I don’t have that kind of convenience where I stay 🙁

  • Yamini Vijendran

    Oh! Holidays! We don’t have puja holidays here, but diwali break. It starts next week and I am already planning to downsize my writing projects for those ten days! Its high impossible to use the computer when the Lil one is home!

    • Jairam Mohan

      @e2a0e49fea5e41989593413d661fa916:disqus, hmm, given my experiences I’d say that it is good that you are planning well in advance 🙂

  • Gauri

    Jairam – like the others have already said, the best way to get them to expend energy is to take them to the park. If you cannot take her to the park during the day, you could try something like basketball at home. Give her pieces of newspaper, let her scrunch it up into little “basketballs”. Turn it into a game of ” who can throw the farthest” or use a clean bin at the end of the room to play “basketball” :-). It works. The number of times I’ve done this with the younger sibling – countless and it has been a lifesaver. Another thing that worked well with both my kids was Playdoh. One of you has got to be around her while she uses it lest she pop it into her mouth but otherwise, once the get the hang of it, they love to ‘create’ stuff with PlayDoh. They might need a bit of help initially but they start giving vent to their creativity real soon.

  • kalpana solsi

    In a plate mix french beans and cluster beans and ask her to sort out. Like-wise you can ask her to sort out tomatoes and beetroot. But the veggies should be washed thoroughly as kids tend to put them in their mouth.