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Food For Thought – and the Thought of Food!


I’m packing lunch for Humpty,
An easy enough task
But of course it’s not,
Why you may ask.
And I don’t even think
About Ramen and Maggi
Even before the big hoo-ha
About lead and MSG.

I try to saute a few onions
In a teaspoonful of oil,
“Frying is bad for health,
Mommy, it’s healthier to boil.
And give me less rice
And not as much potato,
It’s full of ‘caarbohydrits’,
My teacher says so,
No pasta, no noodles,
No butter, and no cheese,
They’re junk, she says,
They don’t fight off disease!”

What’s left? Boiled beans and peas?
I can’t be so lucky!
“Eww!” says Humpty,
“That’s gross, that’s yucky!”
But every two hours he’s hungry,
Looks for something to eat,
That’s healthy, not fatty,
No carbs, and not sweet!

Elementary school teachers,
I get what you’re trying to do,
But here’s a request from a
Beleaguered Mommy to you!
If you have something to tell me
However horrible, however rude,
Please tell me about it directly,
Not through my kids’ food!

Anandam’s Bio:

I’m a working mother of two,
Add hubby and work; that makes it four!
Sometimes logic flies out the window
Common sense flies out the door.
But sometimes it’s like a fairy tale
All golden sunshine and laughter
We start at Once Upon a Time
And end in Happily Ever After.

And then it happens, I wake up
And the day starts all over again
Giving rise to all those moments
That inspire my garrulous pen!
Little actions, words, and thoughts
That froth and bubble and lather,
Precious moments and memories
That I carefully collect and gather.

Many of these moments
Disappear in the fog,
Others are captured
Here and in my blog