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First Ten Months

Baby G was sleeping (finally!) in her cot and I grabbed her baby record book to quickly fill in a few pages of new developments in out lives, when I realised – she is ten months old already!


First Ten Months - Starting Few Months Of Motherhood - Baby's First Year

That’s a huge number, right? SO many new and bigger things are looming in the future. Very soon I will be helping her with algebra I think! Well, not really me – her dad will take up algebra, but you know what I mean. Time is flying! And in these ten months I am a new version of me.

I’ve learnt a lot and this is a summary of everything the past ten months of motherhood has taught me.

  1. Sleep is overrated. “But you know that about me by now, right”?
  2. Children do not want to eat. No, seriously.
  3. Potty training is really tricky.
  4. There is always shit loads of laundry to do.
  5. Alone time with husband will still take another ten months.
  6. A sleeping child is so cute, you want to wake her up and play.
  7. Never compare children. Never.
  8. You need three type of friends in your life:
    1. a mom friend with a kid of similar age
    2. a single friend to fill you up on all the latest happenings and gossip
    3. a baby sitter friend who is friendly with your baby, to entertain the baby while you take a walk, take a nap, or in my case – take a shower.
  9. No white clothes. Ever, I think.
  10. Leaving the room full of toys of every kind, the baby only wants to play with a wooden spatula, my phone and an old bucket.
  11. Online shopping is the saviour of mother-kind!
  12. Reading is now for another life time.
  13. The first few words from the baby’s mouth are heavenly and might induce tears.
  14. I use my phone primarily to make her videos or to click her pictures.
  15. You will have about 25 pictures of the baby sleeping, per position. Per day.
  16. You need to accept that the baby will try new things, will fall down while walking, will hit her head on that table and cry – keep calm.
  17. The way you talk to your children becomes their inner voice. So pay attention early.
  18. It is so much fun to eat strawberries from your baby’s tiny hands, after she has squished them and in an attempt to feed you, rub it all over your face. Awesome moment that might make you emotional.
  19. Even bigger fun is, playing with your baby on the floor. Dance, sit, roll on the floor – laugh and cuddle.
  20. Spend every minute you have with your baby because, well, time flies and they grow up real quick.

So this is my list. I am already planning her first birthday party and also her fifth and eighteenth. Because I have a feeling that they’ll be here before I know it. And between planning those parties, I am enjoying every nano second of being with baby G – my blessing, my darling baby who is ten months now. Ten months, eeeeee!!!!!

Aditi Mathur was born on Feb the 14th and since then it has all been awkward for her. A strong believer of “Whatever!”, an ex-advertising girl, a once-upon-a-time blogger, an out-of-place Army Wife and a real-life social person, she has now given up everything for her adorable almost-nine-months old daughter Gauri (Um, also for Twitter, actually). Stalk her at or  @adicrazy on Twitter. Or Not. Whatever.