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Disney’s Frozen – A Review

Disney’s latest movie “Frozen” is a crowd-pleaser with spunky lead actors, delightful music and beautiful animation. This is unlike any Disney princess movie before, pleasantly surprising with interesting twists and turns. With “Frozen” Disney princesses finally gets a makeover, not only in looks but also in their attitude.

Disney's Frozen – A Review

Frozen is about two sisters Anna(Kristen Bell) and Elsa (Idina Menzel) who are the princesses to the kingdom of Arendalle. Elsa is born with magical powers to create ice and snow. Elsa flees after accidentally setting off an eternal winter in the kingdom and isolates herself by building a splendid ice palace for herself on a distant mountain. Fiesty Anna sets off on an adventure packed mission with ice seller Kristoff (Jonathan Groff) to bring back Elsa and the summer. Will Anna find Elsa? Will she be able to bring summer back to Arendalle?

With Frozen, Disney has redeemed their meek, waiting-to-be-rescued princess. There is no prince charming, no evil witch and no usual Disney drill. It is refreshing to see that the princesses are feisty and can even kick ass if needed. The movie seems to tread similar path of “True love’s first kiss” but what follows earns brownie point from me. Frozen is one of the best Disney movies, which appeals to both boys and girls.

A few things deserve special mention here. First, the funny snow-man Olaf (Josh Gad) is a big hit with the kids. Olaf’s “nose” and his constant yearning for summer had kids laughing and rolling off their chairs. Oh, did I mention the movie is a musical? Watch out for the song “let it go” which is full of energy and Olaf’s hilarious “In summer”.The short Mickey Mouse cartoon that plays before the movie featuring Walt Disney’s own voice as Mickey Mouse is innovative and begs to be watched in 3D.

“Frozen” is one of the best Disney movies of all time with much needed princess makeover, need of the hour. This movie is a collectible, worth adding to your DVD collection. With brilliant story, spunky princess, beautiful animation and catchy songs this movie entices the adults and the kids alike.

My kiddo couldn’t stop talking about the movie, enacting the scenes and dancing to the songs. The movie was simple and straight forward for five year old to follow, with witty dialogues and cracking animation. Olaf, the snowman and the songs kept the movie going. My kiddo was dancing along for all of the songs in the movie theatre. There wasn’t a dull moment in the movie. Kiddo’s review of the movie “Amma, You know, I liked this movie. Olaf is very very funny and I liked all the songs. Also there is no scary evil witch. Can we watch this movie again, please”? How can I say no?

Divya Rao is a mother to a 4 year old bundle of joy. She has one eye set on growing her career and the other watching and enjoying her little one grow up.