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Back To The Bubbly Colorful Crafty World

Amidst engineering degrees, job searches and other things, lost was somewhere a creative person who was once expert in art and craft. We never made rough sketches, nor did we buy any ready-made stuff to present in school. It was always hand made. School functions and decking up for them was always exciting.

Back To The Bubbly Colorful Crafty World - Teaching Kids To Innovate

But with the passing time, we chose to be a part of the rat race, leaving those interests behind to be smitten by dust, to become a faded memory. But deep down, there was and still there is a restless soul which yearns do so many different things in this short span of life. After all, even life has an expiry date.

Thanks to my lil’ one, I’m living back my interests. His show and tell activities in school, festivity celebrations, annual day performances excite all of us, me, my husband (as he shares same interests) and of course, my son too.

Those water colors (and their smell), paint brushes, left over paper cutouts, thermocol sheets (left out from packing stuff), bubble sheets, straws and sticks, there is so so much to make and decorate. Don’t know where to start from and where to end.

The other day, we had fun making traffic light for my son as he loves to observe the changing colors on the signal. It stamped the meaning of those three colors in his mind as he knows which color does what and has seen it working live too. He keenly watched and helped too in pasting/colouring while we were putting the pieces together. And as the colors were open, and the spirits were high, he and his father opted to paint a transparent jar using an old brush (toothbrush to be precise) for spray. And believe me, it came out fabulous.

Back To The Bubbly Colorful Crafty World

(Tip: Think twice before dumping any stuff. It might be well used for your kid’s next school project).

For his school/play group poem recitations, we get more nervous than him. We memorise his poems by heart and repeat with him umpteen no. of times. In the park, lift, lobby, while bathing and don’t know where all. They become his talk topics for conversation with his grandmothers on phone. I still remember his first recitation “nanha munna rahi hoon” and while rehearsing it, how he used to fuse “nanha munna rahi hun, chipka le saiyya fevicol se” (thanks to all the music channels to play items songs always, and God knows why out of all, item numbers are the easiest ones to be picked and enacted by kids) or mix/confuse it with “nanhe munhe bachhe, teri muthi me kya hai”.

And then on the day he had to present, I was nervous and was keenly waiting for him to return and tell me how it went. Guess what, I picked him up in my arms and asked “kaun si poem sunayi” and the answer was “Twinkle Twinkle”. 😀 😛 Teachers asked him to recite a poem, and he chose his favourite. Simple. Innocence Unlimited.

(Tip: Always place a note in kids diary if teachers care to check, to prompt the kid for his poem if needed).

Like these, there are so many moments making me to love life all the more, hold them tightly and look back to it as a pleasant experience. Many more yet to arrive. It has just started. Looking forward to it, not just because, it helps my son to innovate and learn, but also because it gives me unaccountable pleasure and a break from a monotonous life.

Swati Jain is a mother of a 3-year-old and an Oracle consultant (computer engineer) for 7.5 years. She is a blogger by interest, happy by choice, observant and curious by nature. She loves simplicity and truth. Follow her blog at: