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8 Reasons To Judge Other Mommies [And Daddies]

For this post and this post only, I forfeit all my claims of being non-judgmental of other people. I remember when I was a kid, my mom used to read a Hindi women’s magazine called Sarita. It had a section called ‘Mujhe Shikayat Hai’ or ‘I have complaints against’. This section used to be full of complaints against all and sundry on all kinds of issues. This post intends to accomplish a similar objective.

8 Reasons To Judge Other Mommies [And Daddies]

These are my complaints against some mommies [and daddies too]. I judge those mommies [and daddies] who

  1. Routinely return home well past midnight, after trips to the mall or some get together. And this happens frequently. No wonder the kid is not in the habit of waking up early, and then you complain that your child does not sleep early at night. It is called inculcating a habit and it takes efforts to make one, dear lady!
  2. Let their young kids run helter skelter inside society premises when they are aware that vehicles would be coming from all sides during that precise hour as the birds fly back home post-sunset. So, it is the onus of the person driving who needs to keep the kids safe. There are kids who would also happily play with the car [and the driver]. The moment you would put your foot on the accelerator, the kid would threaten to jump in front of your car. Sometimes mommy would see this little game and come glaring towards the driver. My suggestion is don’t gossip lady, look after your child.
  3. Introduce their kids to chocolates as the go-to-snack when they want some peace or bribe their kids with chocolates. Soon the kids start arm-twisting their parents into giving chocolates on daily basis, and then those poor things are called spoilt!
  4. Risk the lives of their young kids by taking them on scooter / bike rides without helmets, and taking very young ones on the 2-wheelers at all. When I look at such cases, I am always scared that the kid may decide to jump off the scooter any moment.
  5. Strap their kids on Prams or put their little ones in the super market push carts, and go to fetch their stuff. We all know it is too, too dangerous.
  6. Haven’t taught their kids the benefits of healthy eating habits. Their children don’t find anything exciting enough to eat unless it has been packed in a colourful plastic and branded.
  7. Find their kids hitting other kids but just smile or shrug off the whole thing. Well, if my child gets hurt, I am not going to take it lightly.
  8. Take their little ones for movies which are not meant for kids. And sometimes, take very young kids who are anyways not meant to stare at the big screen for 2-3 hours while also being subjected to extremely loud sound.

So, do you have reasons to judge other Mommies and Daddies too?

Reema Sahay is a Stay-At-Home-Mom, Freelance Writer, Voracious Reader, Passionate Blogger, Social Media Enthusiast, Internet Junkie and Ex-Marketing Communication Professional. She spends her days running after her very curious toddler, ‘the star’, and catching up on books when he naps. She writes about charms and challenges of life at Pen Paper and shares her passion for books at Recommend Books. She sometimes feels that her 5.5 years stint in Marketing Communication was in another life