How Can Busy Moms Keep Their Kids Occupied

So, I’m back after a hiatus… I missed this space, but I have been really busy. BUSY, yes that is what I would like to talk about today. We all are busy… and its difficult to take out time for one of the most important element in your life…. your family – your child.


Well, when I started working from home Zoe was not even 6 months old & then within a year, I decided to start something on my own. It’s been more than a year since I have been running My Little Chatterbox. Being the ambitious soul I’m, I did not want to take things lightly. I started my venture because I knew how serious I was about it and what my priorities were. The problem is I not only wanted to give my 100% to my business, I wanted the best for Zoe as well… yes, I’m ambitious about everything.

I knew I would be very busy, but I didn’t want Zoe to feel neglected at any point in time. There were a couple of things which I guess I did right, and these very things helped me remain sane. The most important thing is to prioritize. You know what exactly you want & what things hold importance in your life. I knew I couldn’t take up a 9-5 job and leave Z at home… I also did not want to leave my job & become a housewife (that wasn’t me), I didn’t want to tell Zoe when she grows up “I gave up everything to bring you up. You should be grateful.” So, what I chose was the best option available when I looked at the situation I was in.

Prioritizing also means, I’m extremely particular about a few things. Zoe’s screen time (TV/Laptop/Mobile) is limited & we show her stuff we are comfortable with. I do not compromise on what Z eats, and we plan a weekly menu for her to avoid last minute planning. Workwise as well, Zoe knows if Mamma is in a session she needs to be a good girl and sit till Mom is free. My bedroom becomes my den, so when on a call I go in my room and Zoe knows she cannot speak/shout for attention when mom is on a call.

It’s extremely crucial to raise an independent child, who doesn’t rely on you for anything and everything. Zoe has her books & artwork to keep her busy when mamma is working. I do make sure I stop work when she is having her meals, but I do not feed her. I let Zoe explore her environment independently but I always try to keep an eye on her.

Zoe and me live on a schedule, I make sure I spend ample time exclusively with Z. I read to her, play with her, paint, talk do it all. Those moments are for us and I do not touch my phone or laptop when I’m with her.

Supportive Partner is a must, Fizz has been a hands-on dad since day 1. I did go through severe Post-Partum depression but Fizz was there for Zoe and me since day one… physically & emotionally. Today, even if I have to take a work related outstation trip, I can blindly leave Zoe with Fizz and I know I will come back to a happier child.

The most important bit is I make sure I’m there with Z when she needs me. These points come handy for me… what about you?

A story-teller, a Communication Trainer, a Parenting Blogger, a wife to her best friend and mum to the most adorable 2-year-old – Zoe. Falak Randerian, plays many roles, her favorite Being Zoe’s Mom. She runs story telling & communication workshop for kids My Little Chatterbox. You can read her personal blog Being Zoe’s Mom and her parenting website which she runs along with her elder sister .

  • sirisha achanta

    Wow! My girl spends her entire waking hours spent with me just barraging me with questions , the nonstop chatterbox doesn’t ever want to be left alone..sigh! 😀

    • Falak Randerian

      Zoe now speaks to herself… and when she wants someone to answer she comes to me and says “Mamma… may we talk” it sounds like an adult actually and it one of the cutest thing she says these days 😀

      • sirisha achanta

        You are lucky that way. Even in her kindergarten, teachers say that she never sits alone and always wants to talk. Hehe! I should work on the alone time more 😀

        • Falak Randerian

          Yeah… Somehow she becomes Clingy only with Dad around

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