Should I Or Shouldn’t I?

That’s the question. I am talking about extra-curricular classes here. Like, music; dance; karate; taekwondo; gymnastics; keyboard; violin; swimming; skating; tennis and the like.

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Dr Seuss

Dr Seuss’s books are always a big hit at my home. My daughter just loves reading his books along with me. All his books have a poetic appeal and senseless rhyming. March is his birthday month and its celebrated by kids all over the world with reading sessions and craft activities related to Seuss’s book.

Dr Seuss' 5 Best Books - Book Recommendations

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5 Reasons Why You Should Not Keep A Pet Dog – Advice From A ‘Pet Loving Mom’

You think it is just a pet. You think it only needs to be given food thrice a day and to be walked once maybe twice. You think “I can do that much”. Sorry! Pal. You are way off the mark. You need to think again! The ‘wagging tail-ed darling’ who’s licking your hands right now will not let you think straight. So my advice… step out of that pet shop, now! Away from the mesmerizing hold of those innocent ‘doggy eyes’ and hear me out. Take what I say seriously, because I made the mistake you are about to make, three months back and I am still paying for it!

5 Reasons Why Not To Own A Pet - Advice From A ‘Pet Loving Mom'

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Thy Wisdom Come…

Daughter’s best friend lives next door. They go to the same school and walk back home from the school bus hand in hand. Come holidays, they are almost inseparable, running up and down between the two apartments. We call them the Siamese sisters.

Things Kids Say - Thy Wisdom Come

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Running For A Cause

We all agree that physical activity can do wonders to kids. It not only improves their torso and gives fitness but draws a fine line for their motor skills to develop while helping them stay focused and avoid stress with that extra adrenaline secreted. Exercise helps them eat well, sleep, and since they are out of the home, they are away from the distraction of video games and cartoons and anything that makes parents hair go up in anguish!


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Learning In My Kitchen!

My kitchen is my living room. I don’t watch TV (well, hardly!), and my kids know that I more or less live in the kitchen! So that’s where they gravitate to, and not just when they are hungry! It doubles up as the place I take my official phone calls (connectivity problems and all); it is the place for homework and studies, family fights, making up, scolding, praise, complaints and resolutions!


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Wish Growing Up Was Optional!!

When I grow up, I will drink cola and tea/coffee.. When I grow up, I will do the nail polish.. When I grow up I will watch television till late or play games on the mobile.. these are the daily dialogues of Little Miss M when she is not allowed to do certain things. But kiddo, when you will actually grow up, you will realize life will not be this beautiful again. There will be no time and place for such innocence. Growing up also means growing apart!!


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Discarding The Baggage Of Familial Ties

Dealing with the extended family is like treading on egg shells. What to say, what not to say, how to say, et al. I hate having to do it. It’s annoying and draining and exhausting, all at once. I dreaded it every single time, until the mother, in absolute desperation, shared a gem of wisdom with me. She said, “Forget that they are your relatives. Treat them as human beings. Individuals, or perhaps, strangers, who deserve your respect, politeness and kindness. Remain aloof from the conversation.” A simple thought; it made my life so much simpler.

Dealing With Extended Family - Discarding The Baggage Of Familial Ties

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