Things Children Teach Us!

We, as parents, think that it is us who teach the children the nuances of life. We go about reading parenting books while we are expecting and smugly think that we won’t be making any of the “mistakes” we think the other parents are making. In our heads, our child is the best behaved, well mannered, widely read and a delightful child.

Things Children Teach Us! - Parenting

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Schools Are Sacred Homes Of Guided Principles And Ideologies-No More!

It’s not ‘Masti ki Paathshaala’ (A school to just have fun for the sake of fun). We send our kids to SCHOOL. A place to learn and be educated, to know the rights from the wrongs, to know the science and art of the world, to study the lives and inventions by the geniuses on this planet.

Why We Need Schools? Schools Are No More Sacred Homes.

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Sibling Pressure

Sibling rivalry is not uncommon in any of our households. I have a younger brother and there are times even now when we fight over stuff. Most of the time, these are just playful quarrels that are forgotten the next moment they are had.


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Why Kids Lie

We all dream of bringing up our kids to be honest individuals. Well, if not for the world outside, we at least expect them to be totally truthful to us. But more often than not, we find them fibbing their way out of everyday situations!


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3 Things Every Indian Family Should Teach Their Children By Example

Let me clarify – when I say Indian families I refer explicitly to us Indians living in India. Because, for some reason, all Indians (educated and uneducated) behave very responsibly when we are in another country.  You will know what I mean as you read on. So what are the 3 important points I want to share?

3 Things To Teach Your Child - Parenting Values

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Music : ‘An Imperative’ In Your Child’s Growth

As a child, I was often asked to sing before the guests who visited our homes. One of the reasons could be that when I was growing up, there weren’t many modes of entertainment. However I was asked to sing and my brother was asked to enact a certain ‘some people’ as he did that really well. Our father sang with us, very often most of the family members joining in a group chorus of sorts. The emphasis was usually on Rabindra Sangeet, Classical music or Bhajans… and while what I sang is not really the point of discussion, Music surely is.

Music In Child Development - An Imperative

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