“But mumma, you are wearing a yellow top and should carry a yellow bag with it and not the blue one!!” meet little miss M – my new fashionista who is not even 3 yet!!

A’DIVA - 3 Year Old Fashionista - My Daughter Is A Diva

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Old Forgotten Lanes

With more society/apartment culture peeping in… (which no doubt I vouch for any day)…. there are a few things I miss…

S’s holidays were on… so I thought to make a visit to his granny’s place… who stays in an independent house… few things grabbed my attention…

Memories Of Childhood - Old Forgotten Lanes

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How Colourful Is Your Child’s Life?

I have dabbled in colours ever since I can remember and as the years passed by, I realised they had various effects on my mental and emotional well-being. Education only ratified these feelings when I learnt that colours indeed have a big effect on your emotional and intellectual well-being.

How Colourful Is Your Child’s Life? - Understanding Colour Psychology

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Come To My Birthday Party, But No Presents Please!

That’s how my daughter, just turned 8, invited her friends over. We had braced ourselves for protests from the invitees’ parents and sure enough the intercom never stopped ringing that day.

Come To My Birthday Party, But No Presents Please - Party Without Gifts

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Mummy Or Granny?

Now that P is getting on to one, I am a bit more relaxed with him and often take him with me on errands. Of course it is not easy coping with this wriggly, wiggly little boy who insists on craning his neck at every passing object, pointing out things with his incessant “ da, da ,da”.

Why Wait To Be Older Mothers - Mummy Or Granny? - Older Mothers Better

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She Is Going Away…

I didn’t want to write about this since I already wrote about this last month. But since the last few days its all I think about. The thought I sleep with and the dull ache I wake up with. And it is impossible to write about anything else.

She Is Going Away - Mother's Dilemma - Sibling Love - Sending Child To Boarding

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Sharing News With Kids

The missing plane MH-370 is a big mystery and the whole world is talking about it. 43 ships, 59 aircrafts, 15 nations are in search from fortnight, but can’t find a trace of this aircraft till now. Everybody is curious to know what happened to the aircraft and worried about the safety of 239 passengers.

Sharing News With Kids - Missing Plane News - How Much Is Too Much

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