What We Want Our Kids To Be?

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  • Mitali Bose

    Very well written. The way children learn values is by observing what you do. Parents are not the only source from where children learn values, but also from friends, School, TV and other Media. You have nicely portrayed it. All the best Chaitali for future. Regards

  • Ruchi Chopra

    excellent read ! & so thought-provoking post.
    IQ & EQ. Being a mom of 2 daughters , I will sure have a tough fight esp wen it comes to Gender bashing & biases. But I do also believe that if moms start training their kids as a kids only not like boy or girl things will change in next few generations.Family is indeed first social institution for kids. Horton hatches d egg & d enormous crocodile r my elder daughters fav reads :-) keep writing & reading. am glad I stumble upon you to follow ur insights. my good wishes. :-)

  • JB

    Very Well written. Good guide that can be followed in day to day life. I liked the Mahatma’s quote. Thank You.

  • Chaitali Bhattacharjee

    Thank you so much Ruchi….And I totally agree with you on what you said…there lies a responsibility… A big responsibility of raising sensible, well grounded, responsible and compassionate human beings…if we succeed in this rest all will be taken care of..keep reading and let’s be in touch

  • Chaitali Bhattacharjee

    Truly…parenting is not an easy game…thank you for reading and visiting by..