The Infinite Infant Wisdom

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  • roohi bhatnagar

    Thanks Tejaswini :)

  • Alok Vats

    Truly Roohi, you made an interesting post. I am also a father of 21 months old baby and whatever you mentioned over here applies on me as well. She taught me all these things only.

    “My daughter greets everyone with a smile. Be it my maid or my sister, she treats everyone lovingly.” Truly this is the best lesson we people can learn from kids, I have seen guys who do have some attitude issues with different people, despite being the fact that they too become happy after seeing a baby, but they won’t learn anything from that baby :)

    • Roohi Bhatnagar

      Thanks Alok for reading :) And yes, some people are unable to overcome the attitude issues which is sad..