Expectations – Disappointment Under Construction?

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  • http://titli15081977.blogspot.in/ the little princess

    By putting the burden of our expectations on the kids, we unduly pressurise them to do what they would rather not do, and thus end a nascent dream….Uncanny, but that’s what I wrote about too!! :)

    • ghata singhal

      ohh,…is it? Let me go and read that! :)

  • http://madh-mama.blogspot.ca/ Alexandra Madhavan

    Great post. I despise expectations, but it is only human to be warped into it. I think it is particularly damaging for children in such ways like expecting them to study one thing over another. Kids have such diverse personalities, who are we to control?
    I think expectations also hurt other relationships such as marriages and especially relationships with inlaws. Like you can’t expect your mother-in-law to do things exactly as your mother, and so forth.

    • ghata singhal

      true Alexandra. But i believe it hurts kids the most because sometimes they don’t even know hat’s happening! Glad you liked the post :)

  • ghata singhal

    True Purba :)