Mom Guilt

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  • Flona Tauro

    Janice, aptly said. My daughter is your son’s age and I could identify with every point. You did great dear about weaning off at 1.5 . I stopped when she was 6 months. Even then I alternated with cows milk since I resumed work when baby was 4 months. Secondly I too have resorted to videos of rhymes on my phone and tablet for reasons you have cited. On one hand I’m happy to see how fast they learn on the other the guilt of being responsible for those tender eyes! Feeling that I have not spent time with my kid because of work. To add to it she is so fascinated n friendly with my neighbours eating and playing with them, I’m under the lens of being judged for what I’m not able to make up as a ‘mother’. The list goes on. At the end what matters is your child is healthy and happy. You will always be the best mom for your baby and your kid means the world to you. Given the right value based upbringing our children will certainly grow to appreciate their moms. Looking forward to some more meaningful reads :)

  • the little princess

    lovely! u covered all that guilt traps of us mommies!! but 1.5 yrs of breastfeeding is long enough…. who can absurdly breastfeed till 4?? i’d have died doing it! :)