Should I Or Shouldn’t I?

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  • mahathi ramya vanapalli

    Hi Indu, i feel, 6years would be right age to introduce fine arts. I wont suggest to force them but introduce one after the other and see which interests them not making it as a burden. Iam a classical dancer myself and my parent joined me at the age of 6. Even at that age, i just learnt dance as a routine, but never was much interested on improving or being innovative. Later i understood importance and now iam happy that could learn and perform. Friends influence a lot at this age, if their friends think, dancing is great and all, they would get influenced. I feel, 4 years might be very early to learn fine arts, painting might be best option. I have a kid of 3 years old and he loves painting and watching dance and imitating too. But, iam thinking of teaching him dance or music only after he reaches 6 so that he will understand what instructor is teaching. My personal opinion. hope this helps. Sorry for long reply. Btw, nice topic you brought for discussion :)